Friday, 2 November 2012


Daily routine.

I woke up at 5 am almost everyday except weekends. Do the laundry, take down kiddo's school bag and baby girl's stuff. Usually if I have time on weekend, I would do the ironing for the whole week for 3 person which can take 3 hours to finish. If not, then I will just iron for that day only.

Shower before 6am. It takes time to wake up kiddo, so I always give him a snooze. After dress up, made breakfast. If baby girl is not awake, then I can do much faster without interruption. If she's awake I put her inside the walker. So she is entertained for few minutes. That's when she is in a good mood. Cranky means, no home breakfast. Buy outside.

7am left the house. Sent kiddo's stuff to his transit house. Dropped him first to school, he needs to be there before 7.30am. Then say goodbye to baby girl. Left her with the babysitter. Drove to LRT, wait for the train. Choo! Choo! Reached KLCC and walked to office which took 20 mins. Spent 9 hours in the office. Stressed, tons of work, enjoy blogging, you-tubing, gossipping. 5 or 5.30 left the office.

Walked back to the LRT 20 mins, wait for the train. Normally reached the LRT station at 6pm. Pick up baby girl then kiddo, because he finished at 6.30pm. Head on home. Entertained both kids. Help kiddo with his homework, ensure he gets it done. Time to folding the clothes. Sometimes, I just left it in the laundry basket. Tired. Sleep at 9 or after baby girl is asleep.

Will wake up 2 or 3 times for feeding time. Basically, I got to sleep max 5 hours. If she's not OK had a nightmare or wake up to play.. I got to sleep 3 hours max.

Same thing I do everyday. Me time? In the toilet, 5-10 mins before sleep. Check on twitter, facebook and instagram. Like here and comment there.

P/S: Pretty boring huh? Don't ask about weekend. It's when I total up what I left for 5 days and do it for two days. Busy and busy.
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