Thursday, 1 November 2012

You Post, You Pay The Price

During our 'in the dark hour' last night, I had time for Instagram. As I was scrolling, I came across one person's picture. Picture of a sleeping child. Hundreds of likes, as usual. However, the comments caught my attention.

It was not the owner's comment, but it was the husband. He's angry, every word in CAPS LOCK!!!! I couldn't read what others had commented, it might have been removed. He sent a warning to those who give pervert comments, they might be report as spam or blocked. Aha! Now you know what kind of picture it is right? It is not nude, ehem. I bet the owner would not publish such thing.

OK, here's my opinion. What you post, what you say or publish on the Internet, it WILL become everyone ATTENTION. Everyone is busybody. Especially if you're someone famous, people would love to know every single detail what you do in your life. Or.. if you want to be famous faster, you can post and publish something that could stir havoc like those two bloggers about their sex life. Publisiti murahan.

Walaupun yang komen tu kata, 'post macam ni memang mengundang kata-kata', 'kesian, esok besar malu anak ni', 'cute, adorable, pretty'.. and the list goes on. THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE VIEWING IT. Those who did not comment maybe will tell their friends and they started looking and talking too.

No use of getting angry at those immature comments. You should think before you publish, or should not do that in the first place. Don't you read the newspaper? Don't you read about missing child? Aren't you afraid. I am not saying you can't tell anything, just a little bit only. For the safety of your family. It's better if the picture removed from the time line. People will still talk, but the picture will not be there. Unless, if there is crazy stalker following you who might have captured it and safe as his or her wallpaper. Scary!

I remember this post on July 2011: Wardina: Careful of What You Published

Once a while I will do spring cleaning of my pictures. I may have published pictures that later I find could cause something. It's good if you can start doing that too. We have to be very extra vigilant and careful. Especially things that related to our love one.

P/S: This is also a reminder to myself.
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