Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Big Bad Wolf

First time I heard about it was on twitter. And I thought it was something that got to do with porn. HAHA. What triggered me? Bad. Wolf.

Aaaaooouuuuuuuuuu! Love the car!
Last weekend we went to the BBW book sales at MIECC. I read in twitter (did you see how much influence twitter is on me?) the queue to pay was loooonnngggggg. I hate long queue! Plus, it's on weekend and I know the place will be crowded. Baby girl and my sister tagged along with us. Surprisingly, she was OK for half hour. After that, she needs her milk and started crying. Wuwu.

The boring daughter

Few books that we bought for the three of us.
I can't find any Malay story books for kiddo. Or maybe I haven't go around every inch of the place. But there is a signboard 'Malay books'. For novels actually. If they have Malay novels, they should have childrens malay storybooks, not just English. I hope they can have it next time.

And above two were for me. Not gonna finished it within two days, or even one week. Used to do that, but now not anymore.

As it had been told, there were 3 mil books this time. That's a lot! Oh and too bad we didn't bring any travel bags, or trolley. I took one of the box under the table. HEHE. After all, they're gonna put it in plastic bags aren't they? Lucky it was not 'NO PLACTIC BAG DAY'.

There were parents who put their books inside their child's stroller. Good idea, more books! And not to forget those people who brought their travel bags, like a huge one. Looks like they're going to have a book party.

Image credit to Khairil Anuar @KhairilAnuar twitter's

This picture caught my eye. It happened to every books sales aren't they?

P/S: I heard there will be another books sales in January. Another round of shp till I drop maybe?
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