Friday, 14 December 2012

Kitchen Cabinet and Quotation Hunting, Renovation Cost

The stage that I don't like - waiting for quotation. Having to check several different quotations and the hassle plus headaches.

Our new house does not have kitchen cabinet, not even the base or top surface and NOT EVEN a sink! Empty. Both of us have been searching on the Internet for kitchen cabinet contractors for about 3 months. We even went to the Home Decoration Exhibition (HOMEDEC) at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) to survey on the prices and services.

First choice was I'm very impressed with their kitchen cabinet designs and work. I just love it. Their website also provide good info on how to choose the material and measurement. The issue with it was, I have to chase for quotation. :( That's a total turn off for Mr. Fruitheart.

Next, Mr. Fruitheart gave me a quotation from CLS Kitchen Cabinet. Price was almost the same as However, I did some survey about CLS, and hmm.. not a good one. You can search for the review in a forum.

We went to Kitchen Plus in Damansara Perdana. A bit expensive. Their showroom is big and they have nice designs.

One night I did a research on google. I tried every keyword, kitchen cabinet 2012, kitchen cabinet Malaysia, kitchen cabinet murah, etcs. And I found this blog - kitchen kabinet dan kos pengubahsuaian dapur. The owner blogged about Artak Kitchen, which is now known as Intech Kitchen Sdn. Bhd. I'm so influenced by the girl's story. HAHA. So I sent them an email and got a reply the day after. Reasonable price.

At that time however, we were waiting for a revised quotation from After second phone call, we didn't get it and I told Mr. Fruitheart, I wanted to go with Artak Kitchen. That's when my FIL mentioned about his long trusted contractor, Yop and had invited him to talk to us. And, he also introduced this Pakcik Mad Nor who had his own factory and is very reliable in making kitchen cabinet. If I am not mistaken, his experienced is more than 10 years.

We set an appointment and on the same weekend, went to the house and did some measurement. There. We have found or contractor. So the renovation begins.

If you are wondering the price they quoted me, it's around RM9000 to RM10,000. The expensive part of a kitchen cabinet is the top. Solid surface, melamine, granite that's the material.

Follow your budget, do some research, get 2 or 3 quotations. Remember that you spend a lot of money on it and make sure it meets your requirement and you satisfied.

P/S: I hope my kitchen cabinet turn out to be well build.
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