Friday, 14 December 2012

Our New Home - Renovation Part I

I am so excited. Actually all of us, me, Mr. Fruitheart and kiddo. Finally we have our own house. The feeling of excitement, ahhh.. don't know how to describe. It's a condo which we bought in TTDI, Damansara. MAS KIARA Residences.

The first stage of course a little renovation to the new house. Painting, installing kitchen cabinet and built-in wardrobe and additional plug points. We have also asked the contractor to do the hacking for air-cond copper and wiring etc before we move in. A lot of work I would say.

They started the renovation work on Monday. And on Wednesday we stopped by after work to see what's going on.

Measuring, cutting, knocking, screwing.. This is not a well known kitchen cabinet contractor like Signature Kitchen or Kian Classic. This contractor was introduced to us by my FIL's friend. I'll share the story of how we asked for quotations maybe in my next entry.

In my opinion and suggested by Pakcik Mad Nor, we need to have the double sink and also double tap. In case Mr. Fruitheart is busy washing dishes, I can wash my hands on the other side.

We have always want to have and island in the kitchen. Since our kitchen is not big, so we asked for a bar instead. And I told Mr. Fruitheart I want a red chair. Not any other colour. Demand huh?

Both of us were so busy, and we asked the Pakcik to buy the kitchen hood and hob too. So he bought ELBA. I can't wait to cook! HAHA.

We will do a checking this weekend to see the progress. Stay tuned.

P/S: Moving in and out is tiring, I can feel the heat now.
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