Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Unwell Children

New week it is. December, another 27 days to 2013. Had rough time last week. Both my children were unwell. Baby girl had fever after her jab, which I did expected it. However, she also had rashes all over her body. That sure scares me at first. I thought it was a dengue fever, or chicken pox. Turned out it was just rashes. Due to her fever, the rashes came out. I don't even expected that to happened after her jab. She didn't get it for her previous one.

As for kiddo, he complained of headache Friday morning. No fever at that time. He was fine the day before. We brought baby girl to see the doctor on Friday but didn't checked on kiddo as we thought the headache will go away.

On the evening, he vomited. Like a lot! He drank plain water, it came out. He hardly ate. Both of them slept with me that night. So the mommy had to take care their babies while daddy slept in front of the TV. *smile*

And that night he vomited three times. Habis muntah atas comforter, kain pelikat dan tuala. And guess who's going to clean all that?

So the next morning, he vomited again. That's it. To the hospital we go I said. He was sent to the emergency room as the doctor was on the floor due to emergency case. One doctor came and checked on him, he suspected kiddo had migraine. MIGRAINE!! OH MY GOD! How can he get it that young?? They also did a brain CT scan on him. Thank God, everything was a OK in there.

He was admitted waiting for further check up by his usual doctor, Dr. Kishore. They gave him med to ease the pain and fever which made him sleep. He stopped vomiting.

Dr. Kishore came, checked on him, gave med and asked him to rest. He also suspected kiddo had migraine. After he left, kiddo fell asleep and after an hour he woke up crying. He heard the 'beep, beep' sounds and was totally freaked out like he saw a ghost. That was the first time I saw he was so scared. His face turned white! I hugged him, to keep him calm. Tears came down my face. :(

In the evening he was a bit OK and can eat. No vomiting. Only fever and headache. I slept beside him that night.

The next day, doctor came and checked and said if he had do some jumping here and there or he had bumped into something hard. And then he asked if there are iPad, computer games at home. I said yes. AHA, now we know. You have too much of those, Dr. Kishore told kiddo. We laughed.
So, doc asked to wait for one more day to monitor on his progress. He told kiddo no gadgets for one week, only TV. Kiddo nodded.

Well.. well.. Yes, as per google kids do get migraine. Hmm.. I blame myself of not taking care of him, letting him played with it the whole day during this school holidays. Bad mummy.

He was discharged on yesterday after lunch. He looked active like usual. I did a list for him today before I went to work. What he needs to do at what time and I know he will follow it. He is one good boy.

Getting ready to leave the hospital. He's bored and missing his little sister.

P/S: I hope and pray, that will be the last time we overnight in the hospital. It was like 3 days 2 nights of sick holidays.
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