Thursday, 31 January 2013

Favourite Quote of The Week #5

A wedding is a start of togetherness - of walks in the rain, basking in the sunshine, shared meals, caring for one another and sensing the love that a marriage carries. ~~ Unknown

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Women and Emotions

I read an article in theStar today. Women and emotions: Transforming emotions into emotional intelligence

I must say, it came to me the right time. Once in a while, I need some motivations and time on my own. The only time I have for me is when I'm having shower. Boo hoo hoo. Sometimes, even when I'm in the shower also I think about what we should have for dinner tomorrow. Blergh.

'Relax mama. Kesian mama tak de orang tolong.' Kiddo would have said that to me if he sees me non stop doing work and talking, lebih kepada membebel lah apa lagi.

"It is undeniable that women have the tendency to be more emotional than men and it is also true that some women do end up in a sudden outpour of emotions which may be due to dissatisfaction at work, frustration with clients, envy of colleagues and other domestic issues.

Women overreact easily to issues as they take them very personally compared with men who will leave their feelings aside, especially when it comes to work.

... it does not mean that men are not emotional; they just tend to channel their emotions to anger instead of sadness.

The attributes of women being more caring and sensitive become the edge to winning people over – it’s not all about logic for women, it’s about touching people’s hearts before the minds.

... it’s important that women comprehend emotions to avoid being viewed as fluffy, irrational, illogical and unreasonable.

For example, since women tend to get personal with situations at work, a better way for them to mitigate the problem is to avoid thinking too much about the issue or dwell on their feelings.

Emotions shouldn’t be shunned but seen as an advantage. It’s all about knowing how to use them."

Above were few paragraph I took from the article.

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P/S: I admit myself, I'm a fragile, sensitive and easily cry (May babies, Taurus). There are times I do not know how to stop from being too much. When I think back, I do regret some of my actions. As I get wiser (ehem not older), I hope I know how to see them as an advantage.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Place Called Home

Home is where the heart is.

Finally, just the four of us. A small condo with three bedroom, fit us just right for a start to being independent. Eh? Like I said in my previous post, I've been living with my parents for twenty-nine years and stayed with my in laws for two years. If anything I have them under the same roof. But now, I have my husband and my children and we have to depend on each other. Sounds very challenging huh?

The final moved was on last Saturday. Alhamdulillah, everything went well even though Mr. Fruitheart had fever. He still has it today. Poor hubby. Everytime he went oversea, he came back and fall sick. He needs to be injected with high immune system.

I got help from my lil bro and his friend, they called themselves 'The Faizals'. Cause both of them have the same name. Lucky to have a helpful brothers. HEHE. And the rest of my sisters, brother in law and my mother came during lunch time.

Since I have one and a half manpower, me and kiddo to unpack and arrange stuff, there's not much that can be cleared. I hate to see messy things, and all stuff here and there. I got really tired and frustrated and when both combined, I can easily get angry. I think I am about to explode when the toilet bowl clogged. Are you kidding me? No one ever lived there, for crying out loud. Oh, before that, the light bulb in master bedroom toilet not functioning. It burned out. ARGH! I feel like screaming.

I sat down, opened twitter and scroll my timeline. Then I saw someone tweeted 'KEEP CALM AND... WHATEVER.' I like. Alright. So I just sat there, entertained my baby girl and watch TV. Kiddo said, 'Mama, relax.' Well, that's what I was doing.

During Maghrib time, my in laws came for prayer and recite Yassin. Ambil berkat masuk rumah baru ni. We slept well that night. Continue to unpack the next day and Monday. Thank God that we had long weekends. There are still few boxes left. We shall continue this coming weekend, or maybe leave it in baby girl's room for a while.

She slept while I was doing my groceries shopping. I had to call my brother to drove me to Giant Kota Damansara. Buying groceries with a baby and a boy is not easy. Never easy. Mana nak cari barang, dengan dukung lagi, dengan dia nak tidur. Berterabur gula naya je. THANK YOU LIL BROTHER! I know you love me. HEHE.

P/S: I told myself, if we ever going to move into new house in future, even if it's 10 years from now.. I'm gonna hire a mover. Not gonna trouble myself again. Ever!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Friday Snippet #2

If I am not mistaken the original price for this round table is RM 6000. After discount, it was RM 2990. Mr. Fruitheart likes it so much. This place was having it moving stock clearance sale. We bought our queen bedroom and kiddo's super single bedroom + side table here.

No budget means no new dining table. Boo hoo hoo.

P/S: We will have to look for another dining table. Hope to get something like this.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Favourite Quote of The Week #4

Every house where love abides, and friendship is a guest,
Is surely home, and home sweet home,
For there the heart can rest. ~~ Henry Van Dyke

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Our New Home - Part III

No renovation this time. It's the part where two beds came in. The day when my purple curtain were put up. I had my unifi and hyppTV installed. I had to bring baby girl along because her babysitter went on a trip to Hong Kong. Shopping yeah aunty? HEHE.

Mr. Fruitheart was still in Brunei. Touchdown at around 6PM. I guess now he must be on his way to the airport. We've been texting since morning and me sending him pictures of all the stuff done today.

Purple curtain in the hall. Mr. Fruitheart chose it. I like! He has taste.

Baby girl's roller blind. So girlish.

Kiddo's roller blind. Light blue. Love the color. And I hope he likes it too.

I got a bit stressed out because of the wiring thing. We have to do extra wiring for unifi, the telephone socket was not together with the other sockets. Dang!

And the water purifier was supposed to come today but no, they will come on another day. Just because I put the different address. I did not! Takkan lah I nak pasang di rumah my MIL when I know I want to use it in my new house? Duh! Marahnye, marahnye!!

P/S: Me and baby girl should get ourselves a spa treatment. Poor baby girl didn't get enough sleep today.

XOXO, Fara

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Kiddo, Pink and I'm Not A Baby

Kiddo is nine years old this year. There are times I couldn't believe it myself that I have a son who's gonna be a teenager in 3-4 years time.

We were waiting in the post office for our turn to renew Alza's road tax. Dua kali datang OK! I forgot the geran kereta. No I didn't remember to bring it, Mr. Fruitheart didn't tell me. Yes, I know how to drive the car and use it. Not to maintain it. I bawa insurans nya saja. *facepalm*

OK, ok.. back to the story. I asked kiddo, 'Do you want the cartoon bedsheet? They have transformers, Ben 10 and Angry Birds. And some other.'

I expected he would say he wants Transformer, but..

"No I don't want. Syahmie dah besar. Don't want cartoon bed sheet. I want white colour.'

Say what?! I rasa nak pitam sekejap. Over tau mama.

"Ok. But don't la choose white. Later darah nyamuk and air liur basi bertompok. I buy blue one ok?"

"Ala, kaler biru pun air liur Syahmie melekat juga la mama."

"Haa.. then I buy pink lah."

"Pink kan untuk girl. Mama ni sama je perangai macam daddy. Suka menyakat anak. Mama tak sayang Syahmie ke?"

Amboi! Ayat dia, tengok. Bukan main lagi, tak sayang katenye. I wanted to make him feel happy moving to the new house, having his own room and his new bed. I guess he already set in mind, I AM A BIG BOY NOW. Cartoon is for babies. Who knows.

P/S: We always told him, 'Syahmie dah 9 tahun dah besar dah.' That's why. 40x cakap, memang macam tu lah jawapan balas.

Just The Three of Us

Just the three of us for three days. Mr. Fruitheart went to Brunei for site visit. First time baby girl berjauhan daripada daddy. She slept at 11pm on Sunday night. Last night, she slept on time. Phew! Kiddo cried early morning and when I dropped him to school. They missed their daddy so much huh?

Thank God both the siblings were doing good. No fever, no flu, no cough etcs.

I don't really like when we are apart. It feels like missing that one puzzle you need to complete the whole picture.
P/S: Mr. Fruitheart will be away again in April. Fly to Norway. Can I merajuk one week?

Monday, 21 January 2013

Our New Home - Renovation Part II

This is the final part of our home renovation. In sha Allah, this coming Saturday 26th Jan 2013, we will be living in our own house. I can't imagine after 3+2 of years living with my parents and then my in laws, finally.. I'm the Queen of my own house. *Gulp*.

This is how my kitchen looks like. Finally a kitchen that I can say.. MY KITCHEN.

This is our wardrobe. First picture is how the inside looks like. Second picture, they finished it with 4mm glass on just one side. So we do not need dressing table. Save space. Lucky us we did not buy a king size bed. It will be too packed. Sempit!. Almaklumlah, dah biasa bilik besar kan.

And this is kiddo's wardrobe. Those shelves are for his books. I thought there would be a door for it, but it is OK without it I guess. And it also has a 4mm glass.

Mama also wanna menyibuk posing in front of the mirror. Konon model wardrobe lah eh.

Here it is, my L-shape leather sofa from MACY. I love the smell of brand new stuff. Like x1000. There is however, a strict warning came with it. NO FOOD ALLOWED ON THE SOFA.

Both of us were not so happy about the feature wall painting the contractor did. You see, the wall itself is not smooth. The building was abandoned like more than five years, so ada lah yang tak rata, kan? But you still can paint it nicely, am I right?

Nampak bertompok. They touch up the spot, tapi warna dah jadi tak sama! Marahnya! Marahnya!

It will be there until we install the air-cond. I know it's ugly. What to do, no budget at the moment.

P/S: So frustrated with the feature wall. We were thinking about putting wallpaper to cover it. :(

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Baby Girl Fell Off The Bed

'Thump'!! There goes the loud sound, followed by 'Mama!! Syahmie tak perasan.' and a loud cry.

Yes, baby girl fell off the bed for the first time. I was in the hall with Mr. Fruitheart cleaning some stuff. I asked kiddo to look after his baby sister. They were both on the bed, kiddo was playing with his Lego. He turned around for few seconds and his sister crawl to the end of the bed and fell.

I quickly ran towards her and picked her up. Mr. Fruitheart followed behind me. Kiddo as expected, cried. He was so scared more than anything else. I carried her to the toilet and washed her face. I know she was in so much pain and shocked.
Mr. Fruitheart took her from me and brought her down to my MIL's room. I went to see kiddo and yeah I scolded him, but no I didn't shout at him. I asked him what exactly happened and gave him some advice. He said he knew it was his fault.
I went down to see how was baby girl doing. She was still crying. I took her and hugged her tight. I gave her milk and she fell asleep after that. I checked her condition, her head and body.
After dinner like half hour later only I realized her foreheard was red and so does her nose. Jatuh tersembam lah kan. Nak redakan benjol, petua orang lama..ambil kain celup dalam air panas demahkan atas tempat benjol. Tujuannya nak surutkan benjol tu.
She's active. But we still need to monitor her progress for the next 24 hours. We never know what happened inside her head. I didn't put all the blame on kiddo as I know I should be responsible too. I should've put her on the floor. I feel really bad. I can always avoid this from happening but yet it happened.
I remembered, it also happened to kiddo when he was a baby. Yes, I reacted the same. Thank God he was OK. And now it happened to baby girl. I am truly sorry my child. I blame myself for it. I promise it will NEVER happen again.

P/S: I'm so sorry my daughter.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Friday Snippet #1

Sometimes you forgot that you already have so much water bottle.

Had snack'o time at work today. Organised by one of the other teams on the floor. DOMINOS were served. Ate two piece of-no-i-don't-remember-what's-the-pizza-name. It had those piece of chicken on top. And, I got this Starbucks drink for helping the SAP team. Wohoo! Yeah, I have two drinking bottles on my table.

Still doing the SAP clean up this week. Naik juling mata tengok roles that need to be removed. Adding is not an issue, removing yes. Sorry eyes, we will go for a treatment end of the month OK.

P/S: A small piece or brief extract: "snippets of information".

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Favourite Quote of The Week #3

Age has given me what I was looking for my entire life- it gave me, ME. It provided me the time and experience and failures and triumphs and friends who helped me step into the shape that had been waiting for me all my life. ~~ Molly Ivins, writer

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Typical Me.. As A Mother and Wife

I know what to buy when.. Mr. Fruitheart texted me and said 'I don't know what to have for my snack time.' So I bought him chicken sausage.

I know what to say to kiddo when.. 'Mom, my throat hurts.'
I remind him not to drink iced water and eat ice cream at school.

I know what to do when.. baby girl suddenly woke up in the middle of the night.
I checked the clock to see if it's milk time, check her diapers, check if there's insects (mosquitoes or ants), or she has stomach ache.

I always checked the fridge to see if kiddo's food supplies are enough.
I always have the phone and account numbers for almost everything that is related to my family on my iPhone.

I remembered Mr. Fruitheart's and kids IC number, but I don't remember what I am supposed to do one minute after I left my room and went to the kitchen.

I said I was tired and wanted to go to bed. I went to kiddo's room, check the toilet lights if it's turn off. Checked kiddo's bag, put his tie together with his school uniform. Took his clothes that he wore that day and put it into the laundry basket. Took out the laundry basket in my room and put it outside the door so I won't forget to wash it the next morning. I pick baby girls clothes and diapers, put it in her baby bag. Get into my room and took out kiddo's allowance and put it inside his school uniform pockets. Told kiddo to go to bed, make sure he brush his teeth, drink some water before that. Checked if his air-cond was cold enough. Kissed him goodnight.

Checked out the hall and picked up the toys and Lego pieces on the floor. Rearrange the pillow on the sofa according to colours and size. Put away all the remote on the TV cabinet. Then only she lay down and checked on her phone. Opened facebook, like few pictures, statuses. Then opened Instagram and checked on twitter. Finally she tweeted, 'I'm off to bed.' Put down her phone and turn to her right where her husband and baby girl were sleeping peacefully. By that time it was only 9.00pm. Wee! And you must know I woke up at 5am every weekdays morning.

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P/S: Mothers are made for the long haul.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Listen.. Let Me Blog

Last week, Malaysians on twitter were busy tweeting about Shasha Mendoza and she was featured in the Star. Why you asked?

Because she had tweeted: “Dear #KL112 supporters, if you don’t like Malaysia, you can get out of Malaysia. At least appreciate what gov has done.

“Anwar promised to give free education for the people. All of them are lies. Where will Anwar get millions of money to pay for the millions of the rakyat’s debt. Think.”
(From the Star

And yesterday, another person caused Malaysians to busy joining and twitting about Sharifah Zohra Jabeen. Pretty exciting watching the video.

You should checked out the parody Namewee made about her.

When you talk and fight about rights, you need to practice what you preach.
When you want others to respect you, YOU MUST RESPECT others first.
When you say do not compare, you shouldn't do the same.
When you wanted to say something, think. Ego does not bring you any further.

Let's see whats trending in Malaysia currently at 3.50PM

P/S: Everyone have their own decision and everyone have RIGHTS.

Cerita Mencari Lori Dan Temujanji

Entri dalam BM campur BI. I malas nak English sangat, nanti orang kata Melayu tak sedar diri. Gitu! Entri bahasa pasar pun boleh, oh suka hati lah nak kelaskan macam mana. Heh.

Kelam kabut. Itu lah yang dapat I simpulkan kasih sayang eh eh.. situasi yang kami hadapi sekarang. I have been searching and calling lorries for rent. Banyak kat Internet tu, tapi harus awas dengan tarikh iklan. Memang I akan cari tarikh paling latest. Date yang enam bulan sebelum tahun 2013 itu di kira fresh lagi.

Ada yang angkat dan bagi feedback on the spot. Ada yang I call banyak kali tak angkat, dan ada yang dah ditamatkan perkhidmatan. My budget is below RM500.
Soalan wajib yang ditanya:
Dari mana mahu ke mana?
Jenis rumah lama ke rumah baru?

Rumah Dua tingkat ke kondo tingkat 9.
Orang dengar memang akan, "Phewww! Tinggi tu Puan."
Mr. Fruitheart pulak cakap, bukannya diorang kene naik tangga. Of course we have lifts.

I dapat from this blogger, and I called the person who helped them moved their stuff to the new house. I must say, the person was friendly and he is very straight forward. The best part, 'Bila sebut nama Radhi tadi, ha kita bagi harga dia lah.' I was like ooooookaayyyy, I didn't know that person at all, but thank you anyway for giving us the member price. Lucky me! Hehe.

Dan seperti selalu, I will need two or three to get the best price. I tried to call this one Indian guy which my brother gave me, he didn't pick up his phone. Frustrated betul lah. My brother ada tanya dan dia cakap dalam RM300. Murah. Tapi belum confirm pun harga tu sebab I tak cakap tingkat 9 kan.

Not to forget quotations I sent to those company who did this professionally. They quoted me RM1000 - RM1200. OMG! Terus kene pangkah dengan Mr. Fruitheart. It's too expensive. Yes, I tahu diorang memang professional dan ada those terms and conditions what if this happen, that happen and so on. Tapi barang I sikit. Peti ais dan exercise bicycle Mr. Fruitheart yang paling berat. No sofa, katil king size atau kabinet semua tu. Patutnya lebih murah lah kan.. kan?

Rajin tau dia update iklan. Aah, I called him. He gave me RM250, lori 1 tan dengan 2 orang pekerja. I did told him the stuff yang kena angkat. Murah ok.

About the temujanji, I rasa I lah customer paling teruk kot. Asyik postponed date aje. :( The sofa that we ordered from Macy in October, which we told them to sent in Dec, now changed to January. Unify, bed + matress we changed the date once. Eh, not bad at all lah kan. Oh the bad one was Coway. The water filter, supposed to pay full no rental, now we changed plans. Ordered in October as well during the KLCC Home Dec, and now it's January. Postponed date twice! Teruknya you.

P/S: I have said this earlier, and will say it again today.. Pindah rumah adalah memenatkan! Packing and unpacking.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Mom, I Am Thinking About It

The saying 'monkey see monkey do' really hit us sometimes. Well, most of the time actually. When you have kids, it's not a surprise when they started imitating or mimicking their parents. Be it how their parents talk or eat.

When I do not know what to answer kiddo's questions, I will say.. 'Nanti mama fikir.' Or, 'Kejap, mama tengah fikir'. 'Boleh sabar tak? Mama tengah fikir lagi.'. Well, actually when I said that, I am not focusing on what he asked me. Bad mummy.

He learned really fast and very well that when I asked him.. 'Syahmie, angkat beg turun bawah cepat. Nanti lambat nak breakfast.'

'Sekejap la mama, boleh sabar tak? Syahmie nak angkat lah ni.'
'Daddy, Syahmie tengah fikir nak cakap apa ni. Nanti Syahmie cakap.'

There right on your face.

P/S: He learned from the best.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Favourite Quote of The Week #2

For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it.
~~ Ivan Panin

Fight For Attention

They said, love is all you need. I love my husband so much, and I love my children so much too.

Our baby girl is seven month old. She's clever, she knows who her parents and brother are, she's picky, she's a fast crawler, she loves to be outside, she loves shopping (Yay!) and she loves to sit with her right foot on top of her left foot - silang kaki lah. Orang tua-tua kata, bayi yang suka silang kaki ni tahu mak ayah dia banyak duit. Erk!

She's really attached to her daddy. And I used to say 'what to do, she loves you so much', to Mr. Fruitheart whenever she clings to him. They hold each other hands while sleeping OK! And I'm jealous like that.

I realized now I have to fight with my own daughter to get my husband's love and attention. Boo hoo hoo. Can you guess who won? Yeah, she won!

P/S: Memang anak manja daddy sangat! I am no longer 'buah hati pengarang jantung' Mr. Fruitheart. Sobs sobs.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Goodbye Abg Gen Gen

After eight years with us, abg gen gen ended it's services last weekend. Since we had bought Alza two years ago, we hardly ride it. And, after discussions and decisions.. it's time to say goodbye. You'll be missed. We hope you will be in good care with your new owner.

Of course Mr. Fruitheart was a bit sad. Sobs sobs. I thought of having farewell party. Mengada kannn.. over!

Test drive this car. Oh I am so loving it. I hardly heard the engine running! Ugh! Why do you have to give discounts now?

P/S: We told each other, it's a 'cari penyakit' if we sold Gen 2 and buy Jazz Hybrid. Haih.. It's the time to reduce debt and cut cost year for us. Caiyok!

Saturday, 5 January 2013

After School Started

The long school holidays has ended. The boring kiddo is now in standard three. My boy is nine years old this year. OMG!OMG!OMG! (baca macam Lisa Surihani dalam cerita Istanbul Aku Datang).

We were so relaxed (as my friends said) in preparing kiddo's school stuff. We only bought everything on Saturday, three days before school start. As a result of that, we got a little bit frustrated when there were no size and no available stock. Uh uh. WE had the same issue last year, haih.. we never learnt.

So I had to asked my father to buy kiddo's 'baju melayu' in Banting. Lucky they still have it, but unfortunately wrong size. We had to change to the right size the next day. Now do you see the impact Fara?? I kept on telling and reminding myself to do early preparation next year. A MUST!

Everything went smooth on the first day. Since kiddo is in standard three, so his classroom is on the third floor. Thank God it's only three storey building. Penat semput mama ni anak oiii menapak sampai tingkat tiga. It's the same for his afternoon school. I couldn't imagine how he carried his heavy school bag up to third floor.

The best part, after we picked him up he told us he needs to wear the purple uniform since he is still the 'Pengawas Pusat Sumber'. Sheeshhh! We already bought the white uniform and now he had to wear the purple one. Lucky I didn't give it all away. So, pakai lah baju yang mana ada ye anakku. Dah tak muat nanti, mama beli lain.

P/S: After we move in to our new house in TTDI, I have to wake up at 5am every weekdays. Uwaaa.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

How To Get Baby To Sleep

If you search on the Internet, there are lots of articles, tips, do's and how's to put your baby to sleep. So many ways. There is one style that only Mr. Fruitheart can put my little baby to sleep.

Look at those eyebrows. He wanted to be 'The Rock'.

My little girl loves to play with our fingers before she sleeps. I have tried giving her pillow and blanket, she threw it away. At last, she would still search for our fingers. But, she just loves her daddy's chubby fingers more than mine. So, Mr. Fruitheart will always be the one putting her to sleep.

Do you see it? She smells her daddy's finger. I think that's the drug that put her easily to sleep like this. I have tried this method, no success. I know I have skinny fingers. HAHA.

P/S: I don't recall if during my pregnancy time I held Mr. Fruitheart's hand while sleeping. Nope. I don't actually.

Favourite Quote of The Week #1

There are some people who meet that somebody that they can never stop loving, no matter how hard they try. I wouldn't expect you to understand that, or even believe it, but trust me, there are some love that don't go away. And maybe that makes them crazy, but we should all be lucky enough to end up with somebody who has a little of that insanity. Someone who never let go. Someone who cherishes you forever. ~~ Bride Wars Movie

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013: Happy New Year

Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we seize them or not, the New Year will bring new opportunities. ~ Michael Josephson.

Thank you 2012 for everything. Wishing all my readers a prosperous and fabulous 2013 ahead. Keep calm and enjoy 2013.