Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Place Called Home

Home is where the heart is.

Finally, just the four of us. A small condo with three bedroom, fit us just right for a start to being independent. Eh? Like I said in my previous post, I've been living with my parents for twenty-nine years and stayed with my in laws for two years. If anything I have them under the same roof. But now, I have my husband and my children and we have to depend on each other. Sounds very challenging huh?

The final moved was on last Saturday. Alhamdulillah, everything went well even though Mr. Fruitheart had fever. He still has it today. Poor hubby. Everytime he went oversea, he came back and fall sick. He needs to be injected with high immune system.

I got help from my lil bro and his friend, they called themselves 'The Faizals'. Cause both of them have the same name. Lucky to have a helpful brothers. HEHE. And the rest of my sisters, brother in law and my mother came during lunch time.

Since I have one and a half manpower, me and kiddo to unpack and arrange stuff, there's not much that can be cleared. I hate to see messy things, and all stuff here and there. I got really tired and frustrated and when both combined, I can easily get angry. I think I am about to explode when the toilet bowl clogged. Are you kidding me? No one ever lived there, for crying out loud. Oh, before that, the light bulb in master bedroom toilet not functioning. It burned out. ARGH! I feel like screaming.

I sat down, opened twitter and scroll my timeline. Then I saw someone tweeted 'KEEP CALM AND... WHATEVER.' I like. Alright. So I just sat there, entertained my baby girl and watch TV. Kiddo said, 'Mama, relax.' Well, that's what I was doing.

During Maghrib time, my in laws came for prayer and recite Yassin. Ambil berkat masuk rumah baru ni. We slept well that night. Continue to unpack the next day and Monday. Thank God that we had long weekends. There are still few boxes left. We shall continue this coming weekend, or maybe leave it in baby girl's room for a while.

She slept while I was doing my groceries shopping. I had to call my brother to drove me to Giant Kota Damansara. Buying groceries with a baby and a boy is not easy. Never easy. Mana nak cari barang, dengan dukung lagi, dengan dia nak tidur. Berterabur gula naya je. THANK YOU LIL BROTHER! I know you love me. HEHE.

P/S: I told myself, if we ever going to move into new house in future, even if it's 10 years from now.. I'm gonna hire a mover. Not gonna trouble myself again. Ever!
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