Saturday, 5 January 2013

After School Started

The long school holidays has ended. The boring kiddo is now in standard three. My boy is nine years old this year. OMG!OMG!OMG! (baca macam Lisa Surihani dalam cerita Istanbul Aku Datang).

We were so relaxed (as my friends said) in preparing kiddo's school stuff. We only bought everything on Saturday, three days before school start. As a result of that, we got a little bit frustrated when there were no size and no available stock. Uh uh. WE had the same issue last year, haih.. we never learnt.

So I had to asked my father to buy kiddo's 'baju melayu' in Banting. Lucky they still have it, but unfortunately wrong size. We had to change to the right size the next day. Now do you see the impact Fara?? I kept on telling and reminding myself to do early preparation next year. A MUST!

Everything went smooth on the first day. Since kiddo is in standard three, so his classroom is on the third floor. Thank God it's only three storey building. Penat semput mama ni anak oiii menapak sampai tingkat tiga. It's the same for his afternoon school. I couldn't imagine how he carried his heavy school bag up to third floor.

The best part, after we picked him up he told us he needs to wear the purple uniform since he is still the 'Pengawas Pusat Sumber'. Sheeshhh! We already bought the white uniform and now he had to wear the purple one. Lucky I didn't give it all away. So, pakai lah baju yang mana ada ye anakku. Dah tak muat nanti, mama beli lain.

P/S: After we move in to our new house in TTDI, I have to wake up at 5am every weekdays. Uwaaa.
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