Thursday, 3 January 2013

How To Get Baby To Sleep

If you search on the Internet, there are lots of articles, tips, do's and how's to put your baby to sleep. So many ways. There is one style that only Mr. Fruitheart can put my little baby to sleep.

Look at those eyebrows. He wanted to be 'The Rock'.

My little girl loves to play with our fingers before she sleeps. I have tried giving her pillow and blanket, she threw it away. At last, she would still search for our fingers. But, she just loves her daddy's chubby fingers more than mine. So, Mr. Fruitheart will always be the one putting her to sleep.

Do you see it? She smells her daddy's finger. I think that's the drug that put her easily to sleep like this. I have tried this method, no success. I know I have skinny fingers. HAHA.

P/S: I don't recall if during my pregnancy time I held Mr. Fruitheart's hand while sleeping. Nope. I don't actually.
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