Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Kiddo, Pink and I'm Not A Baby

Kiddo is nine years old this year. There are times I couldn't believe it myself that I have a son who's gonna be a teenager in 3-4 years time.

We were waiting in the post office for our turn to renew Alza's road tax. Dua kali datang OK! I forgot the geran kereta. No I didn't remember to bring it, Mr. Fruitheart didn't tell me. Yes, I know how to drive the car and use it. Not to maintain it. I bawa insurans nya saja. *facepalm*

OK, ok.. back to the story. I asked kiddo, 'Do you want the cartoon bedsheet? They have transformers, Ben 10 and Angry Birds. And some other.'

I expected he would say he wants Transformer, but..

"No I don't want. Syahmie dah besar. Don't want cartoon bed sheet. I want white colour.'

Say what?! I rasa nak pitam sekejap. Over tau mama.

"Ok. But don't la choose white. Later darah nyamuk and air liur basi bertompok. I buy blue one ok?"

"Ala, kaler biru pun air liur Syahmie melekat juga la mama."

"Haa.. then I buy pink lah."

"Pink kan untuk girl. Mama ni sama je perangai macam daddy. Suka menyakat anak. Mama tak sayang Syahmie ke?"

Amboi! Ayat dia, tengok. Bukan main lagi, tak sayang katenye. I wanted to make him feel happy moving to the new house, having his own room and his new bed. I guess he already set in mind, I AM A BIG BOY NOW. Cartoon is for babies. Who knows.

P/S: We always told him, 'Syahmie dah 9 tahun dah besar dah.' That's why. 40x cakap, memang macam tu lah jawapan balas.
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