Friday, 11 January 2013

Mom, I Am Thinking About It

The saying 'monkey see monkey do' really hit us sometimes. Well, most of the time actually. When you have kids, it's not a surprise when they started imitating or mimicking their parents. Be it how their parents talk or eat.

When I do not know what to answer kiddo's questions, I will say.. 'Nanti mama fikir.' Or, 'Kejap, mama tengah fikir'. 'Boleh sabar tak? Mama tengah fikir lagi.'. Well, actually when I said that, I am not focusing on what he asked me. Bad mummy.

He learned really fast and very well that when I asked him.. 'Syahmie, angkat beg turun bawah cepat. Nanti lambat nak breakfast.'

'Sekejap la mama, boleh sabar tak? Syahmie nak angkat lah ni.'
'Daddy, Syahmie tengah fikir nak cakap apa ni. Nanti Syahmie cakap.'

There right on your face.

P/S: He learned from the best.
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