Monday, 21 January 2013

Our New Home - Renovation Part II

This is the final part of our home renovation. In sha Allah, this coming Saturday 26th Jan 2013, we will be living in our own house. I can't imagine after 3+2 of years living with my parents and then my in laws, finally.. I'm the Queen of my own house. *Gulp*.

This is how my kitchen looks like. Finally a kitchen that I can say.. MY KITCHEN.

This is our wardrobe. First picture is how the inside looks like. Second picture, they finished it with 4mm glass on just one side. So we do not need dressing table. Save space. Lucky us we did not buy a king size bed. It will be too packed. Sempit!. Almaklumlah, dah biasa bilik besar kan.

And this is kiddo's wardrobe. Those shelves are for his books. I thought there would be a door for it, but it is OK without it I guess. And it also has a 4mm glass.

Mama also wanna menyibuk posing in front of the mirror. Konon model wardrobe lah eh.

Here it is, my L-shape leather sofa from MACY. I love the smell of brand new stuff. Like x1000. There is however, a strict warning came with it. NO FOOD ALLOWED ON THE SOFA.

Both of us were not so happy about the feature wall painting the contractor did. You see, the wall itself is not smooth. The building was abandoned like more than five years, so ada lah yang tak rata, kan? But you still can paint it nicely, am I right?

Nampak bertompok. They touch up the spot, tapi warna dah jadi tak sama! Marahnya! Marahnya!

It will be there until we install the air-cond. I know it's ugly. What to do, no budget at the moment.

P/S: So frustrated with the feature wall. We were thinking about putting wallpaper to cover it. :(
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