Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Our New Home - Part III

No renovation this time. It's the part where two beds came in. The day when my purple curtain were put up. I had my unifi and hyppTV installed. I had to bring baby girl along because her babysitter went on a trip to Hong Kong. Shopping yeah aunty? HEHE.

Mr. Fruitheart was still in Brunei. Touchdown at around 6PM. I guess now he must be on his way to the airport. We've been texting since morning and me sending him pictures of all the stuff done today.

Purple curtain in the hall. Mr. Fruitheart chose it. I like! He has taste.

Baby girl's roller blind. So girlish.

Kiddo's roller blind. Light blue. Love the color. And I hope he likes it too.

I got a bit stressed out because of the wiring thing. We have to do extra wiring for unifi, the telephone socket was not together with the other sockets. Dang!

And the water purifier was supposed to come today but no, they will come on another day. Just because I put the different address. I did not! Takkan lah I nak pasang di rumah my MIL when I know I want to use it in my new house? Duh! Marahnye, marahnye!!

P/S: Me and baby girl should get ourselves a spa treatment. Poor baby girl didn't get enough sleep today.

XOXO, Fara
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