Saturday, 19 January 2013

Baby Girl Fell Off The Bed

'Thump'!! There goes the loud sound, followed by 'Mama!! Syahmie tak perasan.' and a loud cry.

Yes, baby girl fell off the bed for the first time. I was in the hall with Mr. Fruitheart cleaning some stuff. I asked kiddo to look after his baby sister. They were both on the bed, kiddo was playing with his Lego. He turned around for few seconds and his sister crawl to the end of the bed and fell.

I quickly ran towards her and picked her up. Mr. Fruitheart followed behind me. Kiddo as expected, cried. He was so scared more than anything else. I carried her to the toilet and washed her face. I know she was in so much pain and shocked.
Mr. Fruitheart took her from me and brought her down to my MIL's room. I went to see kiddo and yeah I scolded him, but no I didn't shout at him. I asked him what exactly happened and gave him some advice. He said he knew it was his fault.
I went down to see how was baby girl doing. She was still crying. I took her and hugged her tight. I gave her milk and she fell asleep after that. I checked her condition, her head and body.
After dinner like half hour later only I realized her foreheard was red and so does her nose. Jatuh tersembam lah kan. Nak redakan benjol, petua orang lama..ambil kain celup dalam air panas demahkan atas tempat benjol. Tujuannya nak surutkan benjol tu.
She's active. But we still need to monitor her progress for the next 24 hours. We never know what happened inside her head. I didn't put all the blame on kiddo as I know I should be responsible too. I should've put her on the floor. I feel really bad. I can always avoid this from happening but yet it happened.
I remembered, it also happened to kiddo when he was a baby. Yes, I reacted the same. Thank God he was OK. And now it happened to baby girl. I am truly sorry my child. I blame myself for it. I promise it will NEVER happen again.

P/S: I'm so sorry my daughter.
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