Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Women and Emotions

I read an article in theStar today. Women and emotions: Transforming emotions into emotional intelligence

I must say, it came to me the right time. Once in a while, I need some motivations and time on my own. The only time I have for me is when I'm having shower. Boo hoo hoo. Sometimes, even when I'm in the shower also I think about what we should have for dinner tomorrow. Blergh.

'Relax mama. Kesian mama tak de orang tolong.' Kiddo would have said that to me if he sees me non stop doing work and talking, lebih kepada membebel lah apa lagi.

"It is undeniable that women have the tendency to be more emotional than men and it is also true that some women do end up in a sudden outpour of emotions which may be due to dissatisfaction at work, frustration with clients, envy of colleagues and other domestic issues.

Women overreact easily to issues as they take them very personally compared with men who will leave their feelings aside, especially when it comes to work.

... it does not mean that men are not emotional; they just tend to channel their emotions to anger instead of sadness.

The attributes of women being more caring and sensitive become the edge to winning people over – it’s not all about logic for women, it’s about touching people’s hearts before the minds.

... it’s important that women comprehend emotions to avoid being viewed as fluffy, irrational, illogical and unreasonable.

For example, since women tend to get personal with situations at work, a better way for them to mitigate the problem is to avoid thinking too much about the issue or dwell on their feelings.

Emotions shouldn’t be shunned but seen as an advantage. It’s all about knowing how to use them."

Above were few paragraph I took from the article.

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P/S: I admit myself, I'm a fragile, sensitive and easily cry (May babies, Taurus). There are times I do not know how to stop from being too much. When I think back, I do regret some of my actions. As I get wiser (ehem not older), I hope I know how to see them as an advantage.
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