Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Electrolux Washer

Finally our new washing machine or washer is here. Why didn't I buy with dryer? Mr. Fruitheart said not that practical and uses a lot of electricity. Hmm.. I was thinking if I wash and use the dryer two or three times a week, would it really affected my electricity bill?

Oh well, we already bought it and used on Sunday. Mr. Fruitheart had some difficulties while installing the hose. The water came out from the pipe. We had no idea what went wrong or do we do it correctly.. Almost two hours he spent fixing it. At last we found out that we didn't do it correctly. We have to push and grip the hose to the pipe. 'CLICK'. There! It worked perfectly. Something new we learned that day. Should they come out with 'HOW TO SET UP WASHER FOR BEGINNER"?

Why Electrolux? The sales person at Best Denki KLCC told us the first brand to introduce this front load washer was Electrolux. Plus, the price is within our budget. So, we bought. I should be reading the review like I usually do, but not this time. Let's hope nothing bad happens after warranty ends.

7kg front load washer, simplified Time Manager, rotary/push button LCD control panel, 1000 RPM spin speed, jetsytem wash system, 4.5 star water rating, 4 star energy rating.

  • Cotton/daily cotton wash program
  • What turns a great cleaning performance into a world-class performance? Often it's the small details. Like finger tip power control. Or electrified direct connect tubes.
  • Synthetics, delicates, wool, hand wash.
  • Rinse, drain and spin.
  • Pre-wash option
  • Simplified time manager wash option
  • Extra rinse wash option
  • Eco wash option
  • Delay start wash option
  • 3-chamber detergent dispenser draw

The ugly side of our kitchen balcony. Small and limited space. We have to be very careful of what we choose to put there. So far the bucket, broom, mop, dustpan and dryer only.

I can't open my window wider now. But the door definitely has to be opened wide. I love the fresh air and cool wind flowing into the house.

P/S: I really appreciate my husband's effort to make our house complete. Thank you dear!
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