Friday, 1 February 2013

Friday Snippet #3

One of the important thing needed in a house is - WASHING MACHINE. And because I wanted front-loader type, I have to wait until my next paycheck. In the mean time, have to compile every two days and wash at MIL's house. Baby girl's stroller had been used to carry the laundry basket.

Moving to new house, our money flow like Niagara Waterfalls. So fast! Big stuff that we need to buy is washing machine. All those small stuff when you compile, it sure uses a lot of money. I was hoping there is another round of bonus. HEHE. Yeah, I can dream can I? :(

Today is the 1st of February. Even though it's Federal Territory day, I'm working. What else is new? I've been doing that like more than thirteen years now. I should find another job, a job that I can enjoy Malaysia's public holiday. No more supporting foreign countries. Penat lah! I don't enjoy and like it anymore.

P/S: Woke up at 5 and sleep only at 10pm. Dear body, please don't get sick.