Friday, 22 February 2013

Happy 9th Month Old Girl

The long entry just for you Arissa..

Today you turned 9 month old. I carried you in my tummy for 9 month too. Everyone said mama's tummy was huge that time. I looked like a mama bear that walks like a penguin. And you know what? Every night daddy would massage mama's tummy to make the stretch marks go away. Sadly, it's still there. I still have the marks during your big brother's time. Yeah, will stay there for the rest of my life.

At this age baby, you can crawl. You had your first bottom tooth and first upper one coming. You saliva flow like waterfall. You can stand up for a long time. Mama and daddy are truly sorry for the bumps and fall of the bed and walker previously. Our bad baby, our bad. And we had learn from it not to let you fall again. It made us cry seeing you in pain.

I don't know where you learn the way to wake up your daddy. Do you know how you did it? You would crawl towards his face and started scratching his nose and said.. "Ahhh.. ahhh.. ahhhhhhhh". I can't find it in Google translate, so I assume it's "WAKE UP!". I find it cute. Lucky you didn't give him a hard smack on his face. HEHE.

You would also cry and whine and so clingy to your daddy more than me. The wide smile like Joker until your eyes become smaller whenever you saw daddy. I always say this to you, 'macam nampak boyfriend!.'
Next, you are good at bullying your big brother. You pulled his hair, fight over an iPad and you love seeing him getting angry when he was asked to take care of you. You won't stay foot and even scolded him back. "Ahhh.. wehhhh.. uhhhh.." in an angry tone.

You know, he loves you so much. He even cried when you cried non stop whenever he is holding you inside the car while I was driving. You wanted to sit with me on the driver's seat bcause you hate your baby's seat. Do you want the RM2000 Recaro seat baby? If you want, I need to make sure you SIT. Or else, I'll get the 'husband talk' from your daddy. "Expensive. Not practical. Why buy? Other seat cheaper. Bla bla bla."

You really love yourself. First time looking at your own face on the mirror and you started kissing. Your handprints and saliva all over the mirror. And you would just gave me I-am-cute-don't-be-mad-at-me-mama kind of face. Or you would give me no-it-wasn't-me-i'm-not-guilty face.

Grandma Faridah said you walk like a model and she added, "Arissa suka lelaki je, mentang-mentang lah cantik." I smile. She said that because you will be extremely excited when you see grandpa and not her. HEHE. Anyway, she cannot hold you longer because you're chubby and weight 8KG last time we went for a checkup.

There's one time when daddy was playing with his PS3 and gave you his iPad to make you sit still. You looked at him and he was wondering what was wrong. He even asked you why. If only you can talk at 8 months huh? He figured out the iPad screen was locked. So he took it and opened it for you. And you started playing with it. You are such a clever girl. I know you wanted to say, "Gave me iPad but don't want me to play with it."

The cutest thing you did to me was, when I scolded you, you would say "MA" in a slow tone and soften your eyes. Yeah, you gave me those puppy eyes. Although it was not full "MAMA", but I am happy that you said mama first rather than daddy. HEHE. You babies just now how to make us melt don't you? We could die melting because of your adorableness and cuteness you know.

You are talkative and have the sweetest smile. Whenever we eat, you also want to eat. I can still remember how angry you were when daddy took away 'keropok lekor' from your hand. Oh baby, at 8 months old you already ate 'keropok'.

Now you have learned how to give us a kiss. You open your mouth wide and kiss. Sloppy kisses. All your saliva on our face. It's OK baby, we love you too.

I guess I will end my ramblings here baby. Mama got work to do. I am praying hard you and your big brother will be good children to us. Mama and daddy promise to take care both of you and love you two with all our heart. Forever and ever.

P/S: My dear children, you are precious.
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