Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Hunting for Washer and Dryer

What is the next most important thing you should have in your house? That's right, washing machine. A dryer is not that important, but it will be important when it's rainy season. If you hand your clothes to dry inside the house, it will dry and leave a stinky smell on your clothes. Bau masam!

We've been looking for washing machine since before we were married. Long time planning it seems. We did save money, but oh well, it went into buying something else. So here we go again, hunting for one.

I want something like this.

Electrolux 7.0kg Washer / Dryer Combi
•7.0kg Washing Capacity
•5.0kgDrying Capacity
•1200RPM Spinning Speed
• Condenser Drying System
•Flexible Interactive Program
•Electronic & 1 Control Programmes
•Spin Speed Selection
•Active Balance Control
•Zinc Coated Cabinat
•Anti-Rat Net
•Daly Start Function
•LCD Display & Remaining Time with Time Manager Control
•70 Litres Water Consumption
•Jet Spray Washing Technology
•Product [W x H x D] (mm): 600 x 850 x 630

Same brand and capacity only different is Jet Spray Washing Technology and Magic Ball Washing Technology. Jet Spray is RM27++, while Magic Ball is RM25++. Guess which one I'll choose? Of course the cheaper one.

At first we thought of only to buy washer. As you can see, living in a condo you have limited space to hang your clothes. And when it's raining, much worse. You have to hang inside your house. On the chair, on the dining table, on the window, and even your wardrobe knob! So messy and ugly and disturbing. The problem is.. MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. It doesn't grow on trees.

P/S: I was hoping someone would give us a washer + dryer as a surprise gift. I know one place I can buy this at a slightly cheaper price and it also provide ONLINE purchasing.
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