Tuesday, 5 February 2013

It Is Hard To Be A Woman

Is it really tough being a woman in this world? There's so much difference between woman 30 years back and woman of today. A lot of difference don't you agree?

Being a wife, mom, and has a 9-5 job is not an easy task when you need to know how to deal with everything and balance between work and life. There's one time I am actually holding my girl's pacifier and I've been searching for it the whole house. I feel like slapping my face hard. Few times I thought of quiting my job and concentrate on being a full time housewife. Can I do that? What would I do during my free time? What if I get bored?

Ahh.. un-necessary stress and stuff to think. I should just be thankful and enjoy what I have and do right now, isn't it? What more you want?

P/S: I should be more relax and start YOGA!