Tuesday, 19 February 2013

TAWC - Trying for Two Weeks Meals Cycle

Cook for a day, eat for a month or a week or two. You decide.

Having ingredients on-hand is the most important thing. My mistake this week OAWC was I didn't prepare my list prior to buying my groceries. I ended up putting yogurt into my chicken curry. It tasted sour! Argh!

I put it in the freezer and I wanted to put low fat milk. I totally forgot about it when we went out last weekend, twice! During lunch, I went to Mercato and bought coconut milk. I'll put that later when I reached home.

So this week meals:
3 packs of Chicken Curry
3 packs of Spicy Red Chicken
2 packs of Black Pepper Beef
1 pack of Soy Sauce Mackerel (which is too salty)
1 pack of Spicy Yellowtail scad (we already had it on weekend)
2 packs of Spinach.

Yes, it's the same fish recipe like last week. I'm still looking for a fresh new recipe. But you know how the fish price nowadays. Really expensive. I bought two piece of mackerel at Giant for RM7, but at the morning market it's RM14! Squids, crabs and shrimp are too expensive too. Maybe once a month I will ask Mr. Fruitheart to buy. Depends on what they want to have that week.

I have cucumber, so I can switch in between the spinach. The plan is five days meal including Saturday. Wednesday we will buy from the night market. And Sunday we will have an eat out session. Now, let's go and find more frozen recipe. I would like to try out the spaghetti with meatballs, cheesy chicken with broccoli and potato.

P/S: Cooking has never been easy when you have the right ingredients, time and determination.
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