Monday, 18 February 2013

TAWC - Why Once A Week Cooking

OAWC for short. Since we have moved into our new house end of January, I have to make myself available for cooking. We do have plans previously and set up a budget to buy meals. However, home cooked meal is ALWAYS the best and money saving.

I have never thought of this concept once-a-month-cooking (OAMC) until Mr. Fruitheart told me about it (after talking with my MIL). How does it work? It is a concept where we spend a set of time cooking which at the end of the day we have enough meals to lasts through out the whole month. The meals needs to be freeze until needed.

I have never thought of this idea and concept before. I did froze my baby girl's solid food, and why didn't I ever think of freezing our meals? If I can do a week solids for baby girl, I sure can do the same for our meals, aren't I? There a huge smile on my face.

Since I know I am too slow at cooking, I started for once-a-week-meal first. If you surf the Internet about it, there are several websites that provide OAMC tips and trick. I managed to find one - once a month mom, really helpful.

I did my first trial at my parents house during CNY holidays. I cooked:
Ayam Vandiloo (Chicken Vandiloo)
Daging Masak Kicap (Meat in Soy Sauce)
Ikan Tenggiri Goreng Kicap Pedas (Fried Mackerel in Spicy Soy Sauce)
Carrots and Cauliflower

It took me 4 hours to cook all that which include chopping, washing, removing all those skins and fats and of course a break in between. I can't stand for long now. Getting old huh? Boo hoo hoo.

As a result, I have 3 packs of chicken, 2 packs of meat, 1 pack of fish and 2 packs of veggies meals. Enough to lasts through out the week.

I had to think of a meal where I can use the same ingredients for us the adults and my baby girl. Oh and I had to ask both my boys to eat veggies this time. :D If there is no veggies, I feel somehow my meal not complete.

Alhamdulillah, my family loves it! Looks like a success to me. YAY Fara! *Gave myself a pat on the back*.

As a working mother that only have weekends to do all house chores, I always need to find ways how to make stuff easy for me. I plan to cook once in 2 weeks, so that on the other weekends I can start my yoga. Once I am on the track, maybe I can do yoga 10-15 minutes 2 or 3 days a week. I told myself, if I can plan and organize my stuff at work, why can't I do the same at home?

Dulu duduk rumah mertua boleh lah mengelat masak, sekarang dah duduk rumah sendiri, SEMUA KENA BUAT SENDIRI OII!!

P/S: Stay tuned for my next update on this OAWC and also, my yoga maybe. Let's hope I can start soon.
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