Thursday, 14 February 2013

Practical Self Service Laundry

This was my first time trying this self service laundry. Usually I just sent my clothes to the laundry and the lady did it for me, well I mean the machines. Since I was in a hurry that day, so I got to do what I had to do.

Why didn't I use my own washing machine? Well, I don't have one yet. So I had to sent my clothes to MIL's house twice a week. Can you imagine how big piles of clothes I ended up with? Two laundry baskets! When I'm going to buy? Tomorrow. So I can get it by Saturday. Crossing my fingers!

So let's get back to the story. This place Rainbow Laundry is located at PV128 Platinum Mondrian, Jalan Genting Klang, Setapak. It's near the Chatime and Toowoomba. I left the office early that day just to this. There were each three 9KGs and 14KGs washing machine.

They included the price you have to pay to the machine and let you know which type of water to be used - cold, warm. There is also the soap vendor machine in case you didn't bring your own. The detergent and softener costs RM1 each.

Please be informed, all machines there are using the new 50 cents coins. So you have to change it first.

You have to bring your own laundry basket. They did provide, but knowing how some people who likes FREE STUFF, their baskets have been stolen. Bad people!

What's best? They have free WIFI. I have to wait almost for an hour. Each half hour for washing and drying. That should keep me busy online socializing.

Six dryer should be enough looking at the small shop. And there were not too many people during drying time. Mind you, they also had CCTV installed. Good. Safety.

And there after all had done, I am a happy housewife. My clothes were clean and washed and dried at the same time. Just need a lot of folding, which can take up to half hour. Phew! How much do I spent? RM12 for both.

P/S: I was thinking to open a self service laundry near my place. The idea is there..
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