Monday, 18 February 2013

Solid Foods Made Easy With Baby Bullet

I bought this Magic Baby Bullet Food Processor a month before baby girl turned six moth old. I waited for that three month long to update and give my review about it.

I joined this group in FB, solid foods for babies. One of the member posted about this blender. I was excited to feed my baby that I decided to buy it and yes, to make my life easy.

It comes with two blades. The baby blend blade is for puree and blend. While the milling blade is great for milling grains to make cereals. I haven't tried the milling blade yet. Now at nearly nine month old, baby girl is so loving her porridge. I have tried earlier giving her apple puree, she doesn't like it. Mr. Fruitheart said, maybe it doesn't taste good. But she likes banana, pumpkin and sweet corn puree. As for veggies, she loves carrots. Honestly, I did gave her instant solids. I gave her Heinz. I do feel bad about not giving her mummy-home-made food. I just.. well, I reserved my comments.

One thing I like about the storage cups, it's feature a date dial to show the date you created the food. Since I am easily forgetting things now, it is easy to know which one I should give first. It is sure a huge time saver for a busy mother like me. I only make her solids once a week. It also comes with a book that I find really helpful. It has simple steps and recipes. To me, this baby blender is worth buy and saves my time.

All these stuff is in the box. I took this picture from Marshalya Stall FB page. I bought it from her.

P/S: I didn't have the chance to do all this when it was my kiddo's time. I regret that I didn't take his meals preparation seriously. He is now a bit picky. And slowly, I have started to educate myself and him with healthy food. We can do it!
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