Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The Powerful Wife

“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.” – Napoleon Hill

He didn't say it was my fault, he just smile when I said, "So it's my fault lah?"

Monday was not a good morning for me. You woman may know how our mood swings and the hormone changes like s*it when we are on our menstruation period. Man will never understand. Why?

Me: You have to know dear, I'm on my period. So my mood and sensitivity all mixed up.
Mr. Fruitheart: I tried to, but I can't seem to understand. When you're pregnant I know if you are not in good mood, it is because of the baby inside. But now no. Maybe you need to get pregnant again so that I'll understand.
Me: Seriously??

You might want to know what exactly happened huh? OK. I woke up yesterday morning with a VERY BAD cramp and pain on my lower abdomen. Fuhh I tell you, I feel like punching my tummy hard to keep the pain go away. Rasa nak tendang orang pun ada. Plus, baby girl woke up 3 times. I have to get up and feed her. That chubby baby don't want to sleep in her cot and I had to sleep very near the end of our bed. Queen size bed cannot fit 3 people. My back hurts. And I had to rush doing everything from last minute ironing, pack my kids stuff. Oh I'm so.. (Marahnya?). No smiley on my face and I'm quiet.

And when we were at the parking lot, my bag got stucked at the side mirror. I got grumpy. Mr. Fruitheart, yeah he got annoyed and well angry a bit. I know it. He was quiet all the way.

So after 5pm, during walking to the station he let it all out.

Mr. Fruitheart: You know, when I woke up I would love to see my wife's face. When you masam muka, no sweet smile and laugh it affected me. Everyone said, "BOSS NOT IN A GOOD MOOD' today. Everyone got scolded by me.

He added.. "Now do you know how important you are to me?"

Me being very sensitive, CRY!

One thing for sure, marriage has a huge influence. I realised that everyone has this some degree of influence in other people's life. I want to be a wife who always have positive influence. I do not want to be the un-cool and grumpy wife.

P/S: When I'm on my period, it's like I have a devil inside me waiting to come out and do bad stuff. Oh we are OK after that in case you wonder.
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