Monday, 11 March 2013

Fruitheart Moist Tiramisu Cake

Last weekend is not my OAWC. So my weekend project is cooking and yoga. It was supposed to be yoga weekend, but I ended up baking. Requested by beloved Mr. Fruitheart and kiddo.

So we went to City Bakers the usual place in Sunway Giza. When I entered the shop, I smell cookies! So yummy. Ahhh.. I always love that smell. So I wandered around and looked for instant packet to make cheesecake. But they didn't have any instant mixture. Mr. Fruitheart suggested to bake tiramisu instead. And we also bought the same packet for baking cookies. I bought hazelnut, to try it on the cookies.

The simple and short ingredients for this busy-no-experience-baking-mummy. I just need to add eggs, butter and milk.

You see it yourself the very simple ingredients and steps. Even kiddo can do this on his own. He's been helping mummy baking. I am proud of him, very helpful and good boy. *hugs*

If you ask me what's inside the packet, nah ah ah.. I do not know. All I know I don't have to measure how grams the flour, sugar, baking powder and etcs.

To the small oven you go. OK, I can't follow the temperature and time set on the cover. Different oven different temperature. Plus I am using microwave oven, not OVEN.

Pardon the hole in the middle. It was because I stick fork into it to see if it's well bake. It's moist, but not that fluffy and the top doesn't turn out to be like mushroom form. It is still OK for the first time. HEHE. And I am so happy with myself when Mr. Fruitheart said, "Mmmmm.. delicious. My wife is getting better." Awww.. melting!

Kiddo put some chocolate chips on top to make it taste better. Not bad son, you really got taste. I purposely save this blue stripes cups for him for the second round.

P/S: I need to search the cheesecake recipe. It makes me happy knowing I can bake now. Yay Fara!
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