Saturday, 2 March 2013

New House - After A Month

26th Feb marked the one monthsary we lived in our new house. Hooray! Alhamdulillah, all are well. Both my children didn't have problem sleeping at night and they both enjoyed their swim time.

There were times it's hard to wake up kiddo. I understand it, totally. Usually he woke up at 6.15am, now he had to wake up at 6am. I had to 'snooze' him 2 times. Why is it that mother is the one who always wake up early and get ready first? Why can't it be husband? *roll eyes* We need to leave the house at 6.45am every morning.

On our floor, there were only 3 family including us. I think there were about 50 family now. There were foreigners too. And during weekends, there lots of kids jumped into the swimming pool. I wonder, where did they came from?

So far, it's complete. Need to add few small things here and there. The only big stuff to install is the aircond. But, staying at 9th floor we do not need it. It's cold after 1am. However, kiddo still request to install aircond in his room. He has thick skin!

We need to install aircond in the living hall and baby girl's room. It's hot there in the afternoon. Not now for sure, in near future.

P/S: I told myself, we need to buy landed house in 10 years time. Can we?
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