Monday, 4 March 2013

TAWC - 3 Hours

I know how big mess I can create when I cook. Yesterday we were at my parents house. They have bigger kitchen than our condo, and I am so happy making a mess there. HEHE. Of course, I am the one who clean it all after I am done.

My father told me to do my chopping on the table, but I prefer to sit down on the carpet. Bersila lagi senang kot, selesa. I woke up at 7.30am on Sunday. Everyone else were still sleeping. It's good, because baby girl also sleeping. Or else, she will also very busy playing with the pots and pans.

One tip from OAWC - Do not buy your groceries on the day you want to cook. You are going to be really tired of the shopping, chopping, separating and of course cooking. So, I went for my groceries on Saturday. The most important thing in OAWC - PLANNING.

Yesterday's dishes:
Chicken soup with potato
Beef curry with potato
Ikan selar masak kicap (yellowtail scad in soy sauce)
Ikan tenggiri masak kicap (mackerel in soy sauce)
Ikan bawak masak sos (black pomfret in tomato sauce)
Carrot with French Bean
Water spinach (Kangkung)

Mr. Fruitheart was impressed I prepared and cooked all the above dishes in 3 hours. I am impressed and proud of myself. HEHE. Masak memang lah senang, campak-campak aje kan, kata mereka yang bergelar chef sepenuh masa. The tedious part was when I had to fried all the fish before put them into the soy sauce and tomato. Double work there.

The outcome? 4 packs of chicken soup, 2 packs of beef curry, 2 packs each of the fishes and veggies. Total all 18 packs! Enough for two weeks. Not enough Tupperware so you can only see 16. Must buy more Tupperware. :D

P/S: Lenguh kaki dan badan. Nak kata yoga punya angkara itu dua minggu lepas. Told hubby to get me a chef, he said no need. I only had this muscle pain twice a month. Sobs sobs. I want a spa treatment once a month then.
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