Monday, 18 March 2013

TAWC - Cooking with Instant Ingredients

Instant - Commercially prepared or processed for quick and easy final preparation. AHA! Who doesn't love quick and easy things? It doesn't only saves time, but energy too. Last week was my OAWC - once a week cooking again. I thought I just had some cooking last week. Oh yeah, it was my baking week. How forgetful of me.

What's the menu? Main as always chicken, beef and veggies. Bought fish and wanted to cook curry, however I forgot to buy the curry powder, coconut oil and few limes. Mr. Fruitheart is a bit choosy about fish. He will not eat if the fish still has it's fishy smell.

This time It took me 2 1/2 hours. Thanks to Maggie instant ingredients.

Yesterday's dishes:
Chicken tomyam (3 packs)
Black pepper beef (2 packs)
Fried carrot with french beans (3 packs)
Spinach (2 packs)

I still have my last two weeks dish chicken soup and fish, one each. I used the MAGGI Black Pepper Beef Mix too cook the beef and the Instant Thai Tomyam from Adabi for the chicken. No peeling and chopping needed for both. I only did for the veggies. Yes I know they also have instant for veggies too, but I emm.. forgot to look for it.

OK, I lied. I did put a few ginger to get rid of the 'beef' smell. I forgot to put some potatoes, kulit kayu manis and bunga lawang. Ugh! I do not why am I so clumsy that day, and forgetful. :(

My most favourite veggies, the combination of carrots and French beans with oyster sauce. Yummy!

For the Chicken Tomyam, I added lemon grass, cauliflower, carrots and little bit of sweet corn. We had it for lunch, and boy I was glad and happy and ehem.. proud (kembang mak kene puji) when kiddo said, "Emmm.. delicious mama. Mama masak sedaplah." Of course, I am talented you know. *flips hair* Perasan! Masak pun tengok resipi.

P/S: Using this instant ingredient is sure saves time and energy. I do not need to stand for long time. I guess in 15 years to come, my kids doesn't know how onions looks like.
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