Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Concern and Worried About My Children

A video about a boy being bullied by his classmates has gone viral in social media since yesterday. Not sure when the video was taken.

The boy who being bullied is said to be the class monitor and I am not sure what was the issue. He didn't fight back when others attacked him! They were only 15 years old. :( I know there are a lot video about school kids involved in bullying. This is not the first time. And I am really afraid and worried about the safety of my children. I am afraid to let them go to school. Who to blame? The parents? Teachers? Their friends? Gangster film? Government?

You can watch the video on you tube. And here is an entry from my blogger friend: Gangster Sekolah Belasah Ketua Tingkatan. It seems the case was in March and it has been solved.

The bully also has a blog and I managed to checked it out. A lot of hateful and anger comments there. I wonder how the boy's parents feel about it. I guess they assume their kids are well behave but they actually not. Or maybe they do not know at all, don't even bother.

Bullies are everywhere. As parents no matter how busy you are, you need to be very close to your children. Talk to them everyday. Ask them if they have problem, be their friends. If they do not trust you, who can they trust? When you neglect them, that is when they seek attention outside.

I love my children. I want them to be in the best school, so they can get the best education and good environment. But, as I said bullies are everywhere. Even good schools also have bullies.

P/S: Children are our future leader. Of course it is parents responsibilities to ensure they grow up to be a useful person.
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