Monday, 29 April 2013

Food Review: Dinner at Sri Ayutthaya Damansara

We went there last Saturday night. This time, it was my turn 'belanja' my family due to my salary increment and moved to other team. Yay! Syukur alhamdulillah.

We got the table at the corner where we can see the main road. Not quite many people at that time. Mr. Fruitheart keep telling me it looks expensive. I said, it's OK dear.. once in a while only right?

A must order dish when visiting Thai restaurant is of course TOMYAM. So we ordered chicken tomyam, kailan with salted fish, black pepper beef, pandan chicken, and kerabu suhun. For drinks kiddo had iced-lemon tea as usual, I had kiwi juice and lychee coconut for Mr. Fruitheart.

We didn't have to wait long for our food. Around 10-15 minutes. All the foods look delicious. However, to our disappointment.. it doesn't taste THAT GOOD and wasn't THAT FANTASTIC.

Chicken tomyam

Kailan with salted fish

The chicken tomyam taste funny. Even kiddo complained. It seems the chicken weren't as fresh as we wanted it to be. And so does the pandan chicken. Lucky there were only 4 pieces of it. The kailan with salted fish also doesn't taste like 'kailan salted fish'. I don't understand why they didn't cut the veggies into small pieces. I thought the black pepper beef to be spicy, but it's not at all. Yes, I can feel the black pepper but no it doesn't taste "BLACKPEPPER". Black pepper should be spicy and hot isn't it? I did enjoy eating the kerabu suhun, suited my taste during this pregnancy period. I guess that's the only dish I like.

Black pepper beef

Kerabu suhun

And Mr. Fruitheart liked the lychee coconut drink. Kiddo? He doesn't enjoy his food at all. Sampai sakit perut lah anak I tu.

I told Mr. Fruitheart this could be the first and last time we go there. When he wanted to have some special time eating with his family, this things happened. So disappointing.

OK, I do like their ambiance. Nice decor with lots of wood and nice music. Their customer service is good too. Friendly, smiling waiters and waitresses. Maybe if they have customer survey form, I would have definitely wrote my comments! A bit pricey considering the quality and serving size.


P/S: So far there's no Thai restaurant place that can beat Bangkok Wasabe at Kota Damansara. Sadly, it's no longer there. Don't know where they've moved or closed down for good.
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