Monday, 8 April 2013

Just The Three Of Us - Day 2

Another 2 hours to go back home. That was fast. Hehe. Today was the first day the three of us stay together without Mr. Fruitheart. No major incidents so far and I hope there will not be ANY.

Thank God, baby girl slept well last night. I had to off the dimmer as well to make her sleep. Kiddo had a cut on his finger earlier in the evening. His iPad cover was broken. Haih.

This morning on my way to send baby girl to her baby sitter's house, she cried out loud half way. Grrr! Makes me stressed. When she cried, her big brother also cried. Makes me even stressed. After I picked her up, she doesn't even smile at me. She cried and don't want to wave me goodbye. Merajuk lah tu. Haih.

All I can say to myself is be strong. Forget about your nausea, dizziness and bloated. My babies are more important and they need me. I hope I will be OK until Mr. Fruitheart comes back.

P/S: Do not fall sick dear self.
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