Tuesday, 2 April 2013

TAWC - Instant Ingredients Again

Last weekend, my cooking plan was supposed to be on Saturday. However, we had slight changes due to the 'good news' of me being pregnant and we decided to buy baby girl's new car seat. That's the intro. Now let's continue with the cooking which I did on Sunday.

I bought lots of instant ingredients this time. Kurma, Sweet and Sour, Sambal Tumis, Veggies, Rendang, Asam Pedas, Kari Ikan and I. All from Maggie. But I didn't used all.

Last weekend dishes:
4 packs of chicken kurma
4 packs of chicken soup
2 packs of asam pedas (fish)
2 packs of beef rendang
3 packs of vegetables (as usual, carrots with french beans)

I feel a bit disappointed with my cooking this time. It didn't turn out well. :( Although the steps and measurement were there, I still failed. I do not how to budget it. How am I supposed to know how many pieces of chicken is 500gm?? Blerghh.

The asam pedas so sour and spicy.

The chicken kurma doesn't taste like kurma even though the color and texture was there.

And this beef rendang too. :(

I used the instant ingredients for cooking veggies, and it didn't taste nice. 'Tasteless' Mr. Fruitheart said. Did I just lose my cooking skills after I knew I am pregnant?? Chicken soup is well done since I am using the traditional way, chopping onions and ginger. At least that turned out well.

P/S: I really hope I have the strength to cook when my tummy is round and big during my 6th month pregnancy. Else, we have to buy food everyday.
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