Thursday, 18 April 2013

Oopss.. He Did It Again!

Right now I am seven weeks pregnant. I told few good friends, and some knew it when I update my IG few weeks back. "Already?". "Pregnant again?". Those were the feedback I received when they heard about it. Yeah, it's all Mr. Fruitheart's fault. He did it again!

Kiddo and Mr. Fruitheart wish for a boy, and if it's indeed a boy we already have a name for him. I don't mind a boy or girl, as long as he/she is healthy. The baby is due to meet the world end Nov or early Dec. Lucky this time I tracked down my period. If not I wouldn't know when was my last day of period. Well, doctor surely will asked about it, and I will look at my husband hoping he knew the excat date.

Yeah, forgetful me.

This is the time where I entered my first trimester. Nausea, dizzy, bloated are my good and close friend now. We are inseparable. After I ate, I can see my round belly. I called it 'food bump'. No baby bump yet, the baby is still small. My first check up would be next week. Hope everything goes well till the end.

P/S: I hope I can update my pregnancy journey frequently. Not like last time, I spent most of the time laying and become lazy.
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