Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Birthday Treat

"Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.. happy birthday to Fara.. Happy birthday to me!."

Mr. Fruitheart brought me to Chili's for lunch yesterday. My birthday was yesterday, not today. Ehem. Before that, we did some house cleaning. It's fast when there were no children around. Especially the girl who likes to enter every room and picked everything. HEHE.

After lunch, we watched Hummingbird. Booorriinnnggggg.. *Yawn*. I watched it because of Jason Statham was in the movie.

Mr. Fruitheart asked me what I want. I did told him I want an LV white handbag, or a Tiffany and Co. ring would do. Very demanding huh this lady? HEHE. If I asked him, he said.. Samsung S4? iPad mini? So gadget minded. I had enough with gadgets at home belongs to him and kiddo.

So what did I get for my birthday? A watch. Swatch SKIN in white.

He did mentioned, he will be spending $$$ a lot on every May. A lot of celebration - Mother's day, wife's birthday, baby girl's birthday, kiddo's birthday. He added, he will be spending like this for the rest of his life. HEHE. He also remind me, he should get the same amount of $$$ present when it is his birthday. Uh oh. Then mama has to forked out a lot of money, because the other two doesn't have any work and salary yet. Waaaaa...

P/S: I should save RM500 a month until August. Phew!
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