Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Nur Leia Arissa

One year has passed by. On this date 22nd May 2012, I gave birth to my baby girl. 3.4KG healthy baby. I can still feel the pain you know.

I remember saying, "Your fault! Your fault!" "No, I don't want to give birth after this!." Yes, I said that to Mr. Fruitheart. And now I am pregnant again. God's power.

Baby girl, at 1 year old you are very active. You can walk, climb chairs, scream out loud, make funny faces, bullied your big brother, you show tantrums, pandai merajuk, pandai main kelip-kelip mata, still pick things on the floor and put into your mouth and oh you showed us how you fight for stuff you want. HEHE. You have a very high determination, never give up and daddy said you inherit that from him.
You like it when I read those picture books to you. It is good to know that you enjoy reading at young age. I did the same to your big brother too when he was little. Everytime we said fish, you said.. "ishh". And when we said cat and bird you would go "haaa haaa", looks like you were looking for them. That's awesome baby. We are still waiting for you to talk. I can't wait to hear the word "MAMA" for the first time.

Now you have 4 upper teeth and 2 front bottom teeth. You love to eat 'keropok lekor' so much. You are not afraid of strangers. Everyone wants to cuddle you and hold you in their arms. How can you blame them? You are just so darn cute! Well, I am the one who is afraid that you are OK with strangers. Because you are my precious baby girl.

You also enjoy playing in the water. See how happy you are? You can't even wait until the water is half full. You sleep in the middle of our bed every night. You don't like to sleep in your cot, I guess your little baby brother or sister would have to sleep inside there. Tidur lasak!

Arissa, the amount of joy and happiness you have brought into our life is larger than life itself. We pray and wish that you have a life full of joy, happiness, success, prosperity and love of friends, near and dear ones. Happy 1st Birthday!

P/S: Daddy, mama and abg Syahmie loves you so much.
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