Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Me and The First Trimester

Fatigued. Tired. Vomit. Nausea. Heart burn. Back pain. Morning and evening sickness. Early sleep. Those were my very best friends now. No matter what I did, telling them to go away in my most soft voice, they won't leave me! :( First trimester 'nasties' I called them.

First Trimester: Starts with the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP) and ends with the last day of the 13th week thereafter. (http://pregnant.thebump.com/pregnancy/first-trimester/qa/how-long-is-each-trimester.aspx)

OK. According to the due date calculator, I am 10 weeks pregnant and my first trimester should end in 2 weeks. 14 days more?? ARGH!

I know I am an experienced mother. I had 2 pregnancies experienced aren't I? Well, every pregnancy is totally different. This time around, I am not eating much. I can't each much at one time.

My first pregnancy, I like to eat papaya, koay teow kerang and sirap limau for drinks. Second pregnancy I like to eat a lot of watermelon until my father in law so worried and asked Mr. Fruitheart if it is OK for a pregnant lady to eat it. And yes I do love ice lemon tea from mamak stall too. I don't like the one from Lipton or Nestea. During end of my second trimester, I like the taste of Baskin Robbins jamoca almond fudge. Gosh! I can finish a small pint all by myself. No wonder baby girl doesn't like it when we put blanket on her. She's hot type of girl. LOL!

Talking about my fourth pregnancy, I had miscarriage once before my daughter. So based on doc's calculation, it's my fourth and not three. I hope everything goes well and smooth till the day I deliver my baby. I just need to be very careful due to the fact that I am no longer getting younger. 32 years old this year and no I can't believe it myself that I am going to have 3 children!

P/S: I should be doing my yoga, but my body won't allow it. Oh well, I wish I can start doing it after this 'nasties' first trimester end.
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