Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Me The First Time Voter for GE13

Welcome May! A month full of celebration. Birthdays, weddings, school holidays, vacations and lots more. And one of the most hot stuff is the Malaysia's General Election (GE13)which was held on 5th May 2013.

It's the first time I did my duty for my country. It was supposed to be my third time HEHE. Oh well, it's never too late for anything, right?

I didn't register myself. One day I got a phone call from a lady, she sure did told me she's from where but I couldn't remember. She told me where I should vote. Lucky the place is my hometown and not some other states. If not I have trouble travelling far. So the morning 5th May, I went to the polling station around 8.30am. The queue for registration was not THAT LONG. However, I've waited for about an hour and half to get my channel and number! Dah lah tengah pregnant, sorry cannot see my tummy yet so I didn't get the excuse to cut queue! Almost pitam juga la berdiri.

And the voting process doesn't take more than 2 minutes. *roll eyes* 

My ugly blue manicure gone wrong.

Mr. Fruitheart had his turn voting in Ampang. We waited in the car until he is done. Nasib baik sekejap saja. Orang tak ramai keluar mengundi waktu tengahari. Semua sibuk mengisi perut.

And congratulations to those who won and those who not, try again next 5 years.

P/S: So much hatred, negative and disrespectful comments on social media especially facebook and twitter. That is why I never liked those who called themselves 'hard-core political supporters'. Look at what politics had done to you people?? Shame on you!
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