Monday, 13 May 2013

The History of Our Baby Names

All my children had their name chosen even before they were born. Other than busy looking and buying baby's stuff, I am also busy in finding confinement lady and baby names.

I'm too excited aren't I? HEHE.

During my first child, I chose his name. Since the father, my ex-husband has this AS initial I also chose my boy to have the same, so it rhymes. I like the name Syahmie. Meaning - noble, clever, and brave. (mulia, bijak, berani). The first name is Adzreza, because I like Reza. On the Internet, the correct spelling is Redza, and the meaning is pleased (keredhaan). I added 'ADZ' in front to be the same as the father. It became Adzreza Syahmie.

For my baby girl, we listed few names. Nur Leia Arissa and Nur Zara Arissa. I saved Arissa for so long and finally I got it for my girl. Mr. Fruitheart chose Leia because of his crush to Marion Caunter and idol SM Nasaruddin (Marion's hubby) daughter name is Leia Rose. So my parents, my in laws and even kiddo was asked to choose. The most votes win. Nur - light (cahaya). Leia when I looked on the Internet it says child of heaven; heavenly flowers. (penyejuk dan pewangi di segala suasana)
While Arissa - determination, strong (azam, kuat) So, Nur Leia Arissa it is.

During last pregnancy we had prepared both names for boy and girl, if it's a boy it would be Adib Rifqi. Adib - high knowledgeable, courteous (yang berpengetahuan tinggi, beradab sopan). Rifqi/Rifqy - gentle, compassion (lemah lembut, kawan pendamping, rasa belas kasihan).

Recently, Mr. Fruitheart had told me he likes Nur Leia Ariana. Ariana - full of life. If it's a girl, again. Until further notice or until mummy didn't find any other interesting name that will be the name. I do like Airis, Leila, Elis, Elia and Azalea though. HEHE.

P/S: Would there be changes? We never know.
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