Thursday, 30 May 2013

The May Babies Birthday Celebration

On last Saturday 25th May, we had our birthday celebration. Me, kiddo, baby girl and my brother in law. I think actually it was more to the kids. Oh well, we had our time when we were kids right?

The celebration took place at my in laws house. I ordered 2 cakes from Mr. Fruitheart's cousin that stay nearby. Kiddo has asked for a Hot Wheels cake so I requested the flavour to be chocolate moist cake. Baby girl doesn't have a theme so I just ordered rainbow cake for her.

Hot Wheels Birthday cake

Rainbow birthday cake
In addition I ordered, Angry Bird cupcakes and Princess cupcakes - 25 each. Cheese tart and cream puffs too. All were too delicious!

It was not a big celebration, we invited only families and neighbours. Approximately 60 people who showed up. I ordered buffet style for lunch. Nasi tomato, ayam masak merah, ikan masak gulai lemak, daging kicap, ulam and roti jala. Food was a OK. I guess I ordered the wrong combo. *sigh* And not a surprise when the only dish that finished early were the chicken.

My babies. Baby girl on 22nd May and kiddo on 27th May. Baby girl woke up at 6.30am and she only slept at 4.30pm. 10 hours of no sleep! She was too excited wasn't she? We were worried that she's going to be so tired and cranky because she didn't get her sleep, but not at all. She was busy herself, smiling and laughing at everyone. But no, no holding or hugging or kissing her. It's like, I'm nice to see, but not to hold.

P/S: I know both of them were so happy. And I am glad that all went well that day.
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