Thursday, 16 May 2013

This Thing Called Pregnancy Craving

What not to love during pregnancy? A lot! Except the 'nasties' syndrome called morning sickness, nausea, bloated, heart burn, dizzy, back ache and the list goes on.

Keep calm and enjoy pregnancy image

I am not eating a lot of rice this time around. Mr. Fruitheart said maybe baby likes western food. Is there such thing as western fruits? Because baby doesn't like papaya, guava or watermelon. Not now basically. Today, I suddenly crave for moist chocolate cake. Where to find at this time? No I don't want the cake from Secret Recipe. I want the one which look like this.

Image credit to google.

So yummy delicious tasty chocolate moist cake!

And I did googled for burritos too. Gosh! Baby wants MEXICAN FOOD??!! You don't like those oily, spicy food now? Why did you go for Mexican? No we do not have someone with Mexican blood in the family baby. *sigh*

I noticed I like to eat noodles a lot. Fried mee-hoon, spaghetti, curry mee and yes, western. Nachos sounds delicious now. Argh!

P/S: Why is it I crave for foods? Why can't it be handbag? A white LV hand bang perhaps?
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