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Favourite Quote of The Week #26

Friendship quotes and image. Credit to google 

Haze and Your Pregnancy

Everywhere people are talking about the haze which has engulfed our surrounding air. It was pretty bad and the weather was so unhealthy. But.. there were still people who do not wear mask and children playing outside! Don't you love your lungs??

Since I am pregnant, Mr. Fruitheart is so worried about me and the baby's health. He asked me to not be lazy to wash my hands and face, wear a mask, drink PLENTY of water and make sure I stay indoor.

So I googled the impact of haze to pregnant woman. Here are what I found from babycenter: Haze and your pregnancy.

How can the haze affect me and my unborn baby?
The haze can significantly compromise air quality. Numerous studies in other countries have also proven that air pollution can harm unborn infants in various ways.
•Pollutants inhaled by the mother can reach the womb through the umbilical cord.
•Air pollution exposure before birth has been linked with lower IQ in childhood.
•Exposure to smog before birth has been linked to low birth we…


Malaysia had it's worse level of haze in 16 years when I read about it in the Star today.  It is like an annual event to Malaysia, un-welcome one. last year we had it too, and the year before.
It is very unhealthy for us to go out, without wearing a mask. Even if we are wearing a mask, we could get eye irritation easily. Persons with medical problems like asthma, chronic lung disease and allergic skin conditions are likely to be more affected by the haze. Few friends of mine are really worried about their children's health especially those with asthma.
This is the view from my condo.

Supposed to see tall condo near the hills, but no. This was at 7.30 am

No longer able to see the One World Hotel in Bandar Utama. This was at 11 am.

This was at 2.30 pm. Even worse. Cannot see the hills anymore, dry and hot!
I am working from home today and they also had announced school to be closed in KL and Selangor today. Not sure until when. It is really not good for me to go out unless emergency s…

Favourite Quote of The Week #25

2013: Happy Father's Day

This shout out goes to all father, daddy, ayah, abah, bapa, baba, abi, appa, lou tau, otosan, pappie.. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

The first true love every girl has is their father. No one will ever replace him as the love of her life. True?

I called my father earlier to asked for the ASTRO decoder thing. Thank GOD I didn't forget to wish him this time, HEHE. He was of course delighted. Thank you ayah, for everything you are, for being my pillar of strength and my fountain of wisdom.

And not to forget, my beloved Mr. Fruitheart, Happy Daddy's Day to you honey. Thank you so much for everything, things you've done to our family.
P/S: No matter what day, Mr. Fruitheart always pay for everything. HEHE.

The Second Trimester of Pregnancy

See I told you, I am not updating my blog as frequent as I did before. Tired and lazy. I love my bed and pillow much now. I survived my first trimester. Yay!

Those 'nasties' syndrome are not completely gone, but they are still there. I am on my day 110, 15 weeks, day 6 as per the BabyBump application checker. Another 170 more days to go. *loud sigh*

During my last checkup, there was no sign of the baby's gender. I am too excited to know if it's gonna be BLUE or PINK. HEHE. I need to know because I don't like surprises. Not during my pregnancy.

Forgetfulness. This is the part where I really hope everyone near me would understand. I hate myself for being forgetful, but I cannot help myself. You don't expect me to put sticky notes on my body to make me remember things right?

The other day, I totally forgot to wash kiddo's school shirt which I promised him I'd do it that night. He replied with a low disappointment tone, 'It's OK mama, I know you are bus…

Chiropractic Treatment

First time I heard about chiropractic was when someone mentioned it in Vivy Yusof's IG. If you are wondering who she is, she is the MD for She was having back pain during her pregnancy, and there was this lady who recommended chiropractic treatment located in Bangsar.

Soon after that, I was googling about it. Aha! What is there to waste? I had the same problem too, back pain since 9 years ago from my first pregnancy.

I told Mr. Fruitheart about the treatment. As expected he asked if it is safe for pregnant mother. I said yes and forwarded him the link I found in babycenter. How safe is chiropractic care during pregnancy?

I had difficulties getting up and moving sides during sleeping. I had to move slowly and gently or else, I can feel my bones moving too which is so painful. It was like it's going to break into pieces. Back crackers woo.. But it's actually not! You know when something is rusty and you try to open it? That kind of difficulty.

So on Friday last…

Just the The Two of Us

It was 3 days long holiday last week due to the King's Birthday on 1st June. We were at my parents house spending the weekend with everyone.

This was a shot at Morib Beach. Nice weather, windy day.. lovely.

Mr. Fruitheart looks like he's 3-4 months pregnant while me covering my tummy. My tummy still small, nothing much to look at though.

P/S: Thank you Allah for this marriage, hope it lasts forever.

He's Being Funny

Mr. Fruitheart: I just noticed we're wearing the same color outfit today.
Me: Hey, we lived in the same house OK.

Yeah, it's one of those days when either you are too tired or too busy thinking about something else. Sampai isteri pakai baju apa pun tak perasan. I guess if I am outfit-less then only he will notice me.

P/S: Plan to wear something pink tomorrow and see if he notice, because he also has a new pink shirt.