Friday, 7 June 2013

Chiropractic Treatment

First time I heard about chiropractic was when someone mentioned it in Vivy Yusof's IG. If you are wondering who she is, she is the MD for She was having back pain during her pregnancy, and there was this lady who recommended chiropractic treatment located in Bangsar.

Soon after that, I was googling about it. Aha! What is there to waste? I had the same problem too, back pain since 9 years ago from my first pregnancy.

I told Mr. Fruitheart about the treatment. As expected he asked if it is safe for pregnant mother. I said yes and forwarded him the link I found in babycenter. How safe is chiropractic care during pregnancy?

I had difficulties getting up and moving sides during sleeping. I had to move slowly and gently or else, I can feel my bones moving too which is so painful. It was like it's going to break into pieces. Back crackers woo.. But it's actually not! You know when something is rusty and you try to open it? That kind of difficulty.

So on Friday last week, I went to Bangsar Chiropractic. Easy to find the place. I opt for Dr. Twink Lim, female chiropractor. My appointment was at 11.30am, but I had to come early 20 minutes for registration since it was my first time. I was nervous after I heard.. 'ticks' sound. When it was my turn. I was greeted with a very friendly, soft spoken and gentle doctor. She looks so young! So she asked me few questions, how did I get it, have I had any accidents, fall or injuries and so on.

So the treatment begin. I was asked to do some experiment. She asked me to raise my hands and hold it while she pressed her hands trying to push my hands down. After that I was asked to lay down on the bench. My tummy downward. I was like, is this OK doc? Are you sure? Seriously? There was a worried look on Mr. Fruitheart's face too. She said, 'It is OK. I had a 9 months old pregnant lady done it. It's safe.' Phew! You're the Doc. And she put a pillow on the bench to support my tummy.

The chiropractic chair. Image credit to google
She started her treatment and did the adjustment. She asked me if I ever exercise. Errr.. no Doc. Then Mr. Fruitheart interrupted, 'She said doing house chores are her exercise.' The Doc smiled and said, no house chores are not exercise. He had to make me blush didn't he? Then she took something and pressed the thing on my leg and back. Eh? No pain. Thank God. Silly me thought it's going to be a painful process. Yeah, I'm the paranoid patient.

Chiropractic activator. Image credit to google
My session ended after 20 minutes. I felt OK and relief, back pain gone. You know what Dr. Twink told me? I need to exercise, no need to do the extreme one. Pilates or yoga would do since I am pregnant. Swimming also can. No I do not know how to swim. She told me to drink a lot of water too. And she remind me, HOUSE CHORES IS NOT AN EXERCISE. I got you Doc.

I went for my second adjustment last Wednesday, she did the same thing. And yes, no more difficulties in getting up and moving sides for this pregnant mummy. Hurray! But that doesn't mean it won't come back. She said, I can come for adjustment whenever I feel uncomfortable. It is like you're going for a spa treatment once a month or 'berurut dengan mak bidan' or 'tukang urut'.

I definitely recommend this chiropractic treatment. However, please do consult your doctor first.

P/S: Price wise, first time consultation + treatment is RM200. Follow up treatment and consultation is RM100 as of today.
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