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Haze and Your Pregnancy

Everywhere people are talking about the haze which has engulfed our surrounding air. It was pretty bad and the weather was so unhealthy. But.. there were still people who do not wear mask and children playing outside! Don't you love your lungs??

Since I am pregnant, Mr. Fruitheart is so worried about me and the baby's health. He asked me to not be lazy to wash my hands and face, wear a mask, drink PLENTY of water and make sure I stay indoor.

So I googled the impact of haze to pregnant woman. Here are what I found from babycenter: Haze and your pregnancy.

How can the haze affect me and my unborn baby?
The haze can significantly compromise air quality. Numerous studies in other countries have also proven that air pollution can harm unborn infants in various ways.
•Pollutants inhaled by the mother can reach the womb through the umbilical cord.
•Air pollution exposure before birth has been linked with lower IQ in childhood.
•Exposure to smog before birth has been linked to low birth weight, premature births, stillbirths and infant deaths.
•Mothers living in areas with high levels of ozone and carbon monoxide were three times more likely to have babies with cleft lips and palates, and heart valve defects.

The greatest risk occurs during the second month of pregnancy, when the foetus is developing facial structure and organs.

OK, definitely what you inhale, what you eat, what you smell and so on.. your unborn baby will get it too. Mr. Fruitheart once said, it's better to prevent sickness earlier since in the tummy rather than to cure after the baby come out. That is why he always remind his forgetful and lazy wife to drink MILK and take vitamins.

Take precautions:
1. Stay indoor as much as possible. Shut all doors and windows.
2. If you must be outdoor, please wear a mask. (An N95 mask can filter out 95 per cent of particulate larger than 0.3 microns. However, people with heart and lung problems should always consult a doctor first as a mask does decrease air flow.)
3. Stay away from SMOKERS. (Not just during haze, all the time!)
4. Drink lots of water.
5. Wash your hands and face. Clean of the dust and dirt you get from outside.
6. Keep your car windows closed and on the air-cond while you are on the road.

Mr. Fruitheart forwarded this message to me which was forwarded by his friend:
Message from someone who works for National Environment Agency and here's what she advises:

Hi all, please make sure that you keep all windows shut at all times and bathroom doors too. What you breathe in gets lodged deep in your lungs and can't get out. It's the PM2.5 particulate matter that's dangerous. Make sure you cover your nose when outdoors.

From someone who is doing PHD in Biochem, he said that these particulates (in the haze) are too tiny and they will bypass the hairy and mucous nose to lodge into the lungs. As these particulates are non-water solvent, they will stay in the lungs, will cause cells to mutate and potentially cancer cells can develop from there. So do take care and keep your children and elderly folks indoors. And wear N95 masks even though it's a short walk from home to car and office.

Forwarded - Please bring a huge umbrella out today, and avoid rain water at all cost. Government is planning to seed the clouds to rain and according to my chemist friend, the rain water is harmful to human skin.

P/S: I wonder what is in the rain water that they are using to seed the clouds to rain.
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