Monday, 24 June 2013


Malaysia had it's worse level of haze in 16 years when I read about it in the Star today.  It is like an annual event to Malaysia, un-welcome one. last year we had it too, and the year before.

It is very unhealthy for us to go out, without wearing a mask. Even if we are wearing a mask, we could get eye irritation easily. Persons with medical problems like asthma, chronic lung disease and allergic skin conditions are likely to be more affected by the haze. Few friends of mine are really worried about their children's health especially those with asthma.

This is the view from my condo.

Supposed to see tall condo near the hills, but no. This was at 7.30 am

No longer able to see the One World Hotel in Bandar Utama. This was at 11 am.

This was at 2.30 pm. Even worse. Cannot see the hills anymore, dry and hot!

I am working from home today and they also had announced school to be closed in KL and Selangor today. Not sure until when. It is really not good for me to go out unless emergency since I am pregnant and also I do not want my children to get sick. For lunch, we ordered Pizza Hut. The guy who sent our lunch were not wearing any mask. Not good young man. Not good!

Below are few extra precautions sent by HSE commitee from work:
• Mask needs to be used by all motorcyclists, outdoor workers, those who are exposed to dusty places and those who are in the high-risk group.
• Those who are in the high risk group as stated above are advised to continue medication as prescribed and take care of their health at all times.
• The public is advised to WASH their hands, face and bathe regularly.
• Those who are having Cough, Flu, Asthma, Eye Irritation, Chronic Lung Infection are required to go to the clinic as soon as possible if symptoms persists.
• Those who are driving in an air-conditioned vehicle needs to start the air-conditioner and close all windows when driving.
• DRINK AS MUCH WATER as possible at all time. (Not all time for muslim…you are in fasting month)
• Those who have children, elderly and relatives who are sick in the house, please do not smoke.
• Smokers are advised to STOP smoking during hours where API is higher than 101
• Those who are in the HIGH RISK category are advised to STAY INDOOR if API exceeds 201
• Please be tuned to the radio, TV and major newspaper to get an update on the haze conditions and heed the advice given by Ministry of Health and Department of Environment

P/S: Stay safe everyone. I hope there will be rain to wash away those haze soon.

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