Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Second Trimester of Pregnancy

See I told you, I am not updating my blog as frequent as I did before. Tired and lazy. I love my bed and pillow much now. I survived my first trimester. Yay!

Those 'nasties' syndrome are not completely gone, but they are still there. I am on my day 110, 15 weeks, day 6 as per the BabyBump application checker. Another 170 more days to go. *loud sigh*

During my last checkup, there was no sign of the baby's gender. I am too excited to know if it's gonna be BLUE or PINK. HEHE. I need to know because I don't like surprises. Not during my pregnancy.

Forgetfulness. This is the part where I really hope everyone near me would understand. I hate myself for being forgetful, but I cannot help myself. You don't expect me to put sticky notes on my body to make me remember things right?

The other day, I totally forgot to wash kiddo's school shirt which I promised him I'd do it that night. He replied with a low disappointment tone, 'It's OK mama, I know you are busy.' It really breaks my heart knowing that I let him down and I felt seriously miserable!

What else I forget? Oh ya, I don't remember where I put my headband. I forgot to wear my wedding ring. I forgot to bring back home the stuff I bought during lunch. Gosh! Having 2 children and soon gonna be 3 makes my brain tired and easily loss my memory huh?

There are of course physical changes in me. Growing belly.I can't wear my 26 size jeans anymore. My weight is now 55KG and I had to wear my maternity pants and skirts. Stretch marks? They were there since 9 years ago, and I'm not expecting it will fade away until the day I stop breathing.

Yes, I'll show that to my kids. How they make mummy's body like a bear, walked like a penguin and eat like nobody's business.

P/S: No idea what to write. Till next entry.
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