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Favourite Poem of The Week #30

A Mother's Love by Michael O. Adesanya
There are times only when a Mother's love Can understand our tears, Can soothe our disappointments And calm all our fears.
There are times when only a Mother's Love Can share the joy we feel When something we've dreamed about Quite suddenly is real.
There are times when only a Mother's faith Can help on life's way And inspire in us the confidence We need from day to day.
For a Mother's heart and a Mother's faith And a Mother's steadfast love Were fashioned by the Angels And sent from God above.

Pregnancy Craving.. Wondermilk

Ahh.. talking about cravings again. This time, I want something sweet. I accidentally logged into my IG and saw a picture of cupcakes. It was from Wondermilk. It was so cute and looked delicious. I must have it, I told myself.

I even tagged Mr. Fruitheart to the comments on that picture just to show him how bad I want it. HEHE.

We went to Wondermilk Damansara to get the cupcakes. I am a happy pregnant wife! It was a bit hard to find the shop and there was hardly a parking space. I was going to be disappointed when finally I saw the signboard. There were few trees in front of the shop which I think it is best if they cut it down to make it easier for us to spot the shop.

There were lots of customer that day. Mr. Fruitheart said the price was bit expensive for the small cupcakes. But, since his pregnant wife want it so bad.. he bought it. HEHE.

We bought a pack of 6 cupcakes - Very very very chocolate, blueberry cheese, foxy red velvet, oh my choc and 2 tiramisu I miss you. Why 2? Because b…

Charity: Baju Raya Project 2013

Once again we are blessed with the holy month of Ramadan, Alhamdulillah. We were asked to do good deeds all the time. Ramadan is the month where we can get more 'pahala' (reward). And of course you have to be sincere for every little task you perform. I did one, yay me! There is a charity project launched by (I think) few people in twitter that I followed, named 'Baju Raya Project.' It is a project where they collect used raya clothes e.g. baju kurung, baju melayu, jubah and tudung which then they will donate to those in need.

Last weekend on Saturday, the volunteers were at the 1Mont Kiara Mall, Mont Kiara. I managed to send my mother's baju kurung which she only wore once or twice. They were all in good condition. I hope those people who get it will have a wonderful Hari Raya celebration with all those clothes they get.
You can check their facebook page Twitter: Or look for the hashtag: #baj…

Favourite Quote of The Week #29

“You don’t marry one person; you marry three: the person you think they are, the person they are, and the person they are going to become as a result of being married to you.” ~~ Richard Needham

Fasting During Pregnancy

Happy Monday people!

I am on my 20 weeks now. So fast huh? And thank God I have the strength to perform my fasting this year. I remember during my first pregnancy, I managed to perform my fasting for 2 weeks only. I hope this time, me and my baby are strong enough to last till the end of Ramadhan.

So is it safe to fast during pregnancy? Well, there is no clear answer to that. It depends on the individual. And Islam allowed pregnant mothers not to fast if she is worried and concern about her health and baby. But, they still have to replace the fast later after pregnancy is over. Like I did. Fuh.. really challenging I tell you. When other people around you enjoying their food and you have to control yourself from eating. HEHE.

What to eat during break fasting and sahur? Healthy food of course. Dates and fruits. It is better if you have fruit juices and milk. I drink my milk for sahur. Soup is good for you too and you need to ensure that you get enough protein for your baby. Please avoid su…

Salam Ramadhan 1435H

Selamat menunaikan kewajipan anda dan ibadat di bulan Ramadhan ini. Semoga kita mendapat manfaat dan berkat darinya.

P/S: Semoga I dapat bertahan puasa penuh tahun ini. Amin.

Burger Bakar Abg Burn 17th Outlet in Danau Kota

I satisfied my cravings for burger bakar last 3 weeks. Phew! What a long wait for this pregnant lady. Previously I wanted to try it at their outlet in Kota Damansara, but the traffic congestion was unbelievable. It's a mistake going there during peak hours after work. A BIG NO NO.

So, I had totally forgot about it until I saw their banner near kiddo's school. Aha. And suddenly the craving came back. Sheesh! So Mr. Fruitheart went to the stall and bought their meatball and burger.

Delicious meatball. 10 meatballs with cheesy sauce + wedges + special mushroom brown sauce.

Since I just want to have a taste of their burger, Mr. Fruitheart ordered the small one. Not those I saw with 2 3 layers of meat and tall like tower. I am pretty sure I cannot finish it all by myself. For me, it's a so-so taste. Ok ok aje lah. But I am sure will repeat to order their meatball. Sedap lah, best after Ikea meatballs! HEHE.

The location? It is between Warung Ibu Kota and Red Chair Cafe. Opposite th…

All About Pregnancy

Tiredness is not something new to me now. What else is new during pregnancy right? Does being sensitive counts? Oh well, you can't help it when the pregnancy hormones is having some fun with you.

It's frustrating when you forget something. This morning, kiddo asked me about his school bus card. I totally forgot where I put it or where last I've seen it. I remember telling him the card was in the car's compartment. But it wasn't there anymore. And, Mr. Fruitheart said something that makes me sad.. 'Always the samemistake.'

What to do when you totally forgot? I didn't do it on purpose. And after hard thinking, I pretty much assure that the card is in kiddo's school bag. Let's hope it is there when I get back home.

So, to make me feel better.. I went shopping. Feed the tummy with my favourite chicken puff, almond twist from Cake Sense and Kiwi Dream juice from Juice Works. I went to Isetan the maternity section. There were sales banner everywhere. Me …

Himalaya Herbals Shampoo

It has been a month I've been using the Himalaya Anti-Hairfall and Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. I am satisfied with the product, really. It suits me well. I've been using numerous shampoo to reduce my dandruff and hair fall but none helped me.

One day, I googled about Himalaya product. I came across one blog which as usual I forgot, and the owner gave good review about it. She updated twice for the result. So I decided to give it a try. Plus, it is all herbs.

I liked this product. I used the Himalaya Anti-Hairfall shampoo once every 2 days, and the Anti-Dandruff shampoo once a week. Scent wise, the anti-hairfall is natural, but the anti-dandruff smells like GIF dish washing detergent. Ewww! But, the outcome that matters. Price wise, it is not that expensive. Affordable.

I would be lying if I said I didn't have any hair fall after using it. There is, still! But.. not as many as before. Previously, whenever I washed my hair I could see a lot of hair end up on the shower floor. When I…