Thursday, 4 July 2013

Burger Bakar Abg Burn 17th Outlet in Danau Kota

I satisfied my cravings for burger bakar last 3 weeks. Phew! What a long wait for this pregnant lady. Previously I wanted to try it at their outlet in Kota Damansara, but the traffic congestion was unbelievable. It's a mistake going there during peak hours after work. A BIG NO NO.

So, I had totally forgot about it until I saw their banner near kiddo's school. Aha. And suddenly the craving came back. Sheesh! So Mr. Fruitheart went to the stall and bought their meatball and burger.

Delicious meatball. 10 meatballs with cheesy sauce + wedges + special mushroom brown sauce.

Since I just want to have a taste of their burger, Mr. Fruitheart ordered the small one. Not those I saw with 2 3 layers of meat and tall like tower. I am pretty sure I cannot finish it all by myself. For me, it's a so-so taste. Ok ok aje lah. But I am sure will repeat to order their meatball. Sedap lah, best after Ikea meatballs! HEHE.

The location? It is between Warung Ibu Kota and Red Chair Cafe. Opposite the mosque and school. And please people, park your car properly. You shouldn't be parking your car on the road side, it is the main road by the way. Makan satu hal, keselamatan perlu diutamakan juga. Don't be selfish.

P/S: Control your eating hehe. Burgers can make you gain weight.
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