Monday, 15 July 2013

Fasting During Pregnancy

Happy Monday people!

I am on my 20 weeks now. So fast huh? And thank God I have the strength to perform my fasting this year. I remember during my first pregnancy, I managed to perform my fasting for 2 weeks only. I hope this time, me and my baby are strong enough to last till the end of Ramadhan.

So is it safe to fast during pregnancy? Well, there is no clear answer to that. It depends on the individual. And Islam allowed pregnant mothers not to fast if she is worried and concern about her health and baby. But, they still have to replace the fast later after pregnancy is over. Like I did. Fuh.. really challenging I tell you. When other people around you enjoying their food and you have to control yourself from eating. HEHE.

What to eat during break fasting and sahur? Healthy food of course. Dates and fruits. It is better if you have fruit juices and milk. I drink my milk for sahur. Soup is good for you too and you need to ensure that you get enough protein for your baby. Please avoid sugary food, which later will increase your sugar level quickly and drop quickly too. It can make you dizzy and worse.. faint.

There are times I do worry about my baby when I don't feel any kick. I keep on rubbing my tummy and asked "Are you OK there baby?" Sometimes there will be instance kick. There are times after a while only I get a lot of kicking. "OK baby, mama know you are there. Just checking." I said.

Pregnant lady. Image credit to Google.
I have been told by my doctor if I feel something wrong about me and baby, I need to see the doctor immediately. Example, if there is a change in baby's movement or I have a fever, headache and/or any other pains.

P/S: 6th day of Ramadhan.. I satisfied my cravings for western food and sweet tooth yesterday by eating spaghetti and choc cake. I will get what I want on weekend, weee!
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